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Spring Break & I'm Out!

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Life Lately.

  Hey there!! Happy Fri-YAY!! I hope you all have had a wonderful, wonderful day so far! Today, instead of sharing my usual Friday Favorites, I am sharing my life lately! I never ever do life lately's, but I figured I should switch it up a bit and do one!! Also, did you guys notice that my blog theme is a little different? I have been working on it, I am not sure if the one now is the right one, but it may be! Let me know what you think! And one more thing, FALCON WINTER SOLDIER COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I am just a little excited about this new show!! I was such a big fan of WandaVision, so of course, I am excited for the next Disney+ Marvel show!! I have a TON of random stuff to cover today about my life lately, so let's get into it!! *Linking up with  Nancy ,  Shelbee ,  Erika , and  Andrea I am so excited to share that I FINALLY got to see my bestie Kate last Friday!! We hadn't seen each other since her birthday in January, but we only got to talk for a l

Let's Look - A Perfect Night In!

  Happy Wednesday and happy hump-day!! Y'all, we made it to the middle of the week!! For today's hump-day lineup we have our monthly Let's Look linkup!! This month we are talking about our perfect night in! I wasn't sure how others interpreted this prompt, BUT I decided to document a night in! Soooo, this documented night does not look perfect just because it is completely all over the place, but I assure you, it was a super fun night in with the fam!! 😊  I thought that this post was for last Wednesday, turns out it was not, but that is okay! At least this post was finished a week in advance! 😉  Also, it is St. Patrick's day today, so a happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! ☘☘☘ *Linking up with Erika and Shay I started documenting my perfect night when I got out of my shower... I got out of my shower, put on my pj's, and brushed my hair! When I got out of the shower dinner was ready! That night we were having zucchini noodles and shrimp!! Then we all sat do