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Life Lately.


Hey there!! Happy Fri-YAY!! I hope you all have had a wonderful, wonderful day so far! Today, instead of sharing my usual Friday Favorites, I am sharing my life lately! I never ever do life lately's, but I figured I should switch it up a bit and do one!! Also, did you guys notice that my blog theme is a little different? I have been working on it, I am not sure if the one now is the right one, but it may be! Let me know what you think! And one more thing, FALCON WINTER SOLDIER COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I am just a little excited about this new show!! I was such a big fan of WandaVision, so of course, I am excited for the next Disney+ Marvel show!! I have a TON of random stuff to cover today about my life lately, so let's get into it!!

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I am so excited to share that I FINALLY got to see my bestie Kate last Friday!! We hadn't seen each other since her birthday in January, but we only got to talk for a little while, so the last time we really got to hang out was in October! It had definitely been too long! We had the best time!! We most rode around on her golf cart for a couple hours catching up and talking!! We had such a great time, and I am so happy I got to see her!!

Another thing I have been doing lately is hanging out with the pets! I had to make sure I had all my pet photos in my life lately post because I know you guys love them in my Friday Favorites! Here are my pets!! Honestly, I don't know if you guys know how big my pets are in my life! I mean I normally have one eye on a pet almost every hour of the day! They are a huge part of my life!

Also speaking of pets, this weekend I got to pet-sit my neighbor's dog and cat, George and Fitz!! I love getting to see Fitz and George, so I am always so thrilled to pet-sit them!! They are so sweet!!

On Monday, I had to get two teeth pulled to make room in my mouth!! And, let me tell you, it was the weirdest feeling!! When they gave me the laughing gas, I immediately felt delusional and crazy, then when they gave me the numbing shots I could not feel my mouth at all!! The actual pulling of the teeth did not hurt, but my mouth is still kind of sore from it. It sounded so weird when they pulled the tooth out because you are aware that something rooted into your mouth is being pulled out, but you don't feel it, and instead, you hear a very loud crunching weird noise!! When it was all over there wasn't much to do besides lay in bed, so I did that. My mouth would not stop bleeding, so I had to change out the gauze every 10 minutes. It was kind of torture! If you have ever had teeth pulled, then you know the struggle! Here is me holding my tooth, me being crazy on the ride home, and a selfie of me in the chair! The dentist had to walk away for something, and I was crazy from the gas and decided to take a selfie of myself!! 🤣🤣🤣

Another super random thing about my life lately has been me braiding my hair a lot more! Yep, I know, super random thing to bring up, Abby, but it's true!! I was bored on Sunday before our practice, so I decided to braid my hair! It turned out fine so I wore it like that!! I have been wearing it in double French braids a lot now, and over the course of a couple days, I feel like I have improved! I kind of taught myself how to French braid a couple years ago, and I will do lots of braids into ponytails and stuff for volleyball. But, one thing I CANNOT do, is one single French braid. I just cannot do it on myself!! Also, I can braid other people's hair, I just don't do it often! I only really ever do my own! This was my hair in braids, and I am pretty proud! One more thing, In Bri's post she had a photo of her daughter's hair in two French braids and I thought that it was such a cool coincidence that we are both picking up braiding in the same week! 

Our little town has an ice cream truck that comes around in summer or on the weekends, and for the first time in forever (no pun intended, although I did laugh when I realized that it could be one) on Saturday, and when Clara and I heard it's song, we went crazy!!!!!!!! Clara was so, so excited! Here is a little selfie of me, Clara, and our two neighbors, Sawyer and Ollin, that she plays with all of the time!! 

One last thing about my life lately is making Google Photo animations!! I use Google Photos to save all of my photos rather than iCloud, and I love it!! In Google Photos, it has this feature at the top that kind of looks like an Instagram story, and there is one called "Recents" and it highlights random photos and shows them to you, sometimes it will edit them by making an animation, or a color pop, or even a collage! I found out a way to make these animations, and I love doing it!! So fun!! 

Okay, friends, that has been my life lately!! I hope you enjoyed, and let me know if you would like to see more posts like these, because I sure enjoyed writing it!! I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful Friday and weekend!! I will not be blogging any next week, just because that is my Spring Break, and I don't plan on having to get up any earlier than 8 AM! Guys, I am so ready to sleep in and have a week off, you have no idea!! Anyways, thanks so much for reading, I will see you not next week, but the week after!!


  1. Oh, those teeth! Lol. Cats are the most darling pets! I love mine to piece. Your braids look amazing!

  2. I can totally relate to that feeling when you are having teeth pulled - it's been years for me but I still remember it well. Definitely surreal!

  3. i had so much fun with you!!! can’t wait until the next time we get to hang out! next time let’s not make it four months ;)

  4. Happy Friday! I love that you spend so much time with your pets. Haha laughing gas is some crazy stuff. Your hair looks really cute braided. I wish I was better at doing my own. I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Love this post and catching up on your life lately! Glad you got to see your bestie! Time with a good friend is like nothing else. You know I love all the pet photos, of course, especially the animated ones at the end, haha! I really need to start saving our photos to Google Photo! You know we lost all of ours not too long ago and thought they were being backed up to the cloud. Lesson learned! And, yes, totally LOVE that you and I are learning to French braid! Yours look so great! I am beyond impressed that you can do it on your own hair!!

  6. I love seeing your pets. The braids look really good!

  7. My kids are excited for the new Marvel show too!! Have a great weekend!

  8. I may need to try the laughing gas for my dental work ahead because I'm a nervous wreck.

  9. Oh man. Having your teeth pulled is horrible! I am glad you are doing okay.

    I love your new theme! Have you looked into Etsy for some themes? They have some that are like really cheap. Like $5!! But either way I like it!

    1. Yes!! I have been looking through them, but I can’t decide!! I actually found the one that you have, and I loved it!! I didn’t want to copy you though!

  10. Having dental work is no fun but it seems like you handled it like a champ. I like the new look! Enjoy your Spring Break!

  11. Happy Friday, Abby! I'm so sorry you had to have teeth pulled, but you look like you took it like a champ! Well done! Also, mildly obsessed with all the cat photos!

  12. So sorry about gettin your tooth pulled but glad it's over. Your cats are too cute!

  13. My son had to have a tooth pulled (no laughing gas; just some numbing shots) and I thought the sounds were so incredibly weird and sounded so painful but he assured me he couldn't feel anything other than having his head move a bit now and then. Glad you made it through OK!

  14. Oh girl, yes, I feel you on the teeth pulling! Before I could get braces, I had to get four teeth pulled to make room in my mouth! Fun times! The cracking sound is so so weird and gross, haha. I had laughing gas when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and one second I was crying over having to get an IV, and the next second I was laughing about it! Definitely a wild ride!

  15. Oh my goodness, Abby, you are such a trooper about the teeth pulling! I hate all things to do with the mouth and would not have been nearly as brave as you! Laughing gas is something else, isn't it?! Haha. I am loving your pet photos and your cute braided hair. I need to learn how to French braid my hair. I never really took the time to figure it out! And yay for the ice cream truck! My sister has a vintage ice cream truck business so we love all things ice cream and ice cream trucks in my family! Thanks for linking with me.


  16. There's nothing worse than getting teeth pulled! You are a trooper! Your hair looks so cute braided!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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