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Friday Favorites - 3.12.21 + Beach Trip!!

Hey hey!! Happy happy Friday!! Y'all, can I just have a minute to bang my head on the table for two seconds? I am SO, SO, SO sorry for not posting! I thought this Wednesday was Let's Look, but when I went to linkup and it was a different post, I realized I messed up the dates!! ***Insert a huge sigh*** Well, that's that. At least I have next Wednesday's post completely written! Yep, we are trying to turn this into a positive! Anyways, sorry!! But, today I have a pretty nice lineup of FAVORITES that I just can't wait to share!! I hope you all enjoy! PS. I am still using my St. Patrick's day graphics, feel free to use them if you like!

*Linking up with Nancy, Shelbee, Erika, and Andrea

My #1 FAVORITE has to be my tournament from last weekend!! Before I left for it, I had my Let's Look all ready, but then it ended up not being Let's Look so I did not have anything prepared for the rest of the week except for this post! Anyways, I had such a blast at this tournament! I think this one might have been even more fun than the last! I will be sharing it in full, but I will go ahead and tell you guys that we did win and we got to have an afternoon on the beach!! It was amazing! Here are a couple of the photos, but you can see them in full next week!

That's us with our medals!

And the beach photos...

So much fun!!

Of course, I didn't forget Lincoln!! This week we didn't really get any toys, but we did try a new chewing treat! Lincoln's favorite is called a Bully Stick! Bully Sticks are all-natural long-chew dental sticks! Lincoln loves his! We let Lincoln chew on his for about ten minutes every day! He loves it! While we are at it, here are a couple of Lincoln's photos from this week! 

While we are talking about our furry friends, here are my kitty photos from this week!! There are a LOT of them, so prepare yourself!! ;)

Sweet Charles! Is he not so cute!!! 💙💙💙

I just love these!! Pip was laying on my bed so I turned on a bird show on my Ipad for him!! He loved it!! He was very interested and could not look away!!

Aww, we love you Pip! Also, I don't think I have mentioned this, but March is Pip's birthday month! His birthday is on the 31st, and we are so excited! We can't believe that Pip is going to be 1!

Cuddles with Pippy!

This last one is just Charles being super cute!! 

Mom and I went on a Target and Petco run on Wednesday and there were the cutest kittens and I had to take a photo. Aren't they adorable!!?? They were TINY, I mean tiny! I felt disloyal to Pip and Charles when I was cooing over the cuties, but you have to agree, they are super cute!!

There was also this very eccentric lizard, and it seemed like he was posing for me, so I snapped a pic!! So cute! I also love the greenery around him, he looks very fancy! 🤣

Another FAVORITE of mine was getting to go to the car wash with Dad and Clara!!! Clara and I love, love, love going through the car wash, so we were very excited to go to it with Dad!! Afterward, we got milkshakes! 

 These just get better and better, don't they!! 

On Tuesday's practice, Hart brought these St. Patrick's Day cookies that she had made!! They were so good, and so cute!! We only had six people at practice that day, so definitely enjoyed eating as many as we could!! 

Another FAVORITE of mine is that The Grammy's are on Sunday!! I don't normally watch them, but now that I have become a huge Taylor Swift fan, I am watching and rooting for Tay-Tay!!! I am so excited!

This FAVORITE is v e r y  random, but it is still a FAVORITE!!! Okay, so when Dad got groceries, he got French bread for us to snack on or make sandwiches with. I am a huge French bread lover, and throughout the week, I have stopped by the kitchen every 30 minutes and cut a little piece off. Now, by Thursday, it is almost completely gone, and I realize I have almost eaten an entire baguette!! But, the funny part of this is, is that every time I go to get the bread, the part of Ratatouille where they are picking out the right bread, and Collette  says "A symphony of crackles!" 

This week, there are three songs that I have listened to over and over again! They are also super random, but I have played them on repeat for hours at a time!! They are also songs that literally have nothing to do with each other!
Here they are!

1) My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion - I have kind of become obsessed, well, not obsessed, but in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, so I love to listen to this song!!

2) Material Girl by Madonna - This song is in Stranger Things, and I loved it!! I love listening to it!

3) Le Festin by Camille - Yep. This is the song that is completely in French from Ratatouille. I love it! Clara also loves it. We listen to it on repeat!  

Well, friends, that is a wrap!! These were some super random FAVORITES, right!!?? 🤣 Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful day!! Love you guys! See you on Monday!!


  1. Yay for the win, the medals, and the beach!!! Those cookies look amazing and perfectly decorated too - yum! Have a great weekend Abby!

  2. Looks like you had a fun tournament!!

  3. Ha ha, what a joyfull post! How much fun can you have in a car wash! And never can het enough of cat photos. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love all your faves! I would kill for a beach trip right now and loving those cute kittens!


    1. Thank you!! Yes, it was great to relax and take a break!

  5. So many good favorites!! Ahh so jealous of your beach day! I cannot wait for beach days. They are our favorite! Lincoln is so fun! I love his ears. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Beach days are the best!! Aww, thank you, we love them too!!

  6. Happy weekend! Congrats on your volleyball tournament...lucky to get to go to the beach afterwards!

  7. The beach looks great! I love the pictures of your cat watching the bird video!

  8. Great post sounds like some good favorites

  9. I love you love Material Girl - HAHA. Making me feel older than I am. That came out when I was about your age HAHA.
    I need to get to a car wash ASAP. My car is just gross to even touch
    that white kitty - hope it gets a good home
    Have a great weekend1

  10. Ooh goodness, all your pets are so cute. I love Pip watching the bird show! And happy birthday month to him as well!!!


  11. I am so glad you got to spend time at the beach! Those car wash pics are so funny. Thank you sharing the graphics..I will probably use next week. Please consider sharing how you make!?! I want to learn!

  12. As soon as you wrote Ratatouille, I knew which line you were going to say. We LOVE that movie. And we love french bread too! I hope you had so much fun at the lake house. And I love that you showcase your pets each week. I think I should do that with my dog Walter. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. What a fun time at the beach - I could use a beach day! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  14. Those beach photos look amazing!! I just love French baguettes with a single slice of smoked gouda cheese... yum!

  15. Congrats on the win! The beach looks like a blast! I love that you cat watches bird shows on you iPad!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  16. Looks like you had a great week! Congrats on the win and Enjoy the weekend!

  17. Beach trips are always fun! Enjoy your spring break Abby! Congrats on the win!!

  18. Congratulations on your tournament, Abby! It looks like a wonderful time was had as well. I really like your song list...there is something special about music from the 80's. And that adorable little white kitten at Petco would have absolutely come home with me! That is most definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. I have to stay away from animal shelters or else I would bring home all the tiny kittens! Thanks for linking with me.



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