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February 2021 Movie + Show Review!

Hey there!! Happy Tuesday!! Can you guys believe that it is already March 2nd!! Almost one year ago exactly, everyone was going into quarantine. Also, we are 1/6 of the way done with 2021!! I know, mind-blowing!! Today I am sharing my movie reviews but this time I am sharing show reviews as well! I hope you enjoy! 

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1. To All The Boys I've Loved Before 
To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a Netflix original movie based off of Jenny Han's book series. In the first movie, Laura Jean has written letters to every boy she has ever loved throughout her life. One day her sister finds them and mails them to all of the boys that the letters were addressed to. When she goes to school a couple of days later, she has to deal with all of the fallout of the letters being sent. One of the letters she sent is to Peter Kavinsky, and they have a mutual agreement to have a fake relationship to make their prior lovers jealous (Peter's ex-girlfriend and one of the boys Laura Jean sent a letter to). They date for a couple of months and everyone believes that their relationship is real. Meanwhile, Peter finds out that Gen (his ex-girlfriend) is actually jealous and he is torn between Laura Jean and Gen. 
Sooo, just from this tiny synopsis, you can kind of tell that  it is far stretched! And y'all, I LOVED this movie, I laughed and thought it was so sweet! BUT, I think one major reason I liked the movie, is because I love romance movies. For those who don't enjoy romance, this movie would NOT be for you, just because it is a little sappy. Anyways...for a Netflix movie, it truly is not bad!! I also loved the score, the songs aren't super popular, but I did really like them. 
So not a bad movie, it definitely is worth the short amount of time it takes to watch!! 

2. To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You
(Three stars)
To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is the sequel to the first movie! 
In this movie, Laura Jean has been volunteering at a retirement home where her old sister used to help. On her first day there, she discovers that one of the recipients of her love letters, John Ambrose McClaren, is also volunteering there. Laura Jean can't stop thinking about John Ambrose even though she already has a boyfriend, Peter. Laura Jean can't stop comparing herself to Gen, Peter's ex-girlfriend. Valentine's Day does not seem to go in Peter and Laura Jean's favor, so she goes to John Ambrose for comfort. Overtime, they become very close from volunteering together. Throughout the movie, Laura Jean is constantly having to choose between John Ambrose and Peter. 
Y'all, this movie for sure is not bad!! It is sweet and funny plus it has even more silly drama than the last book, which is a checkmark in my book!! ;)
The soundtrack is just as good as the last movie, and the actors were all great again! I loved the addition of Jordan Fischer to the cast, does anyone else remember him as Holden from Liv and Maddie!!??
Great movie, just not as iconic as the first one, which is probably why I liked it so much! 

3. To All The Boys: Always and Forever
To All The Boys: Always and Forever is the third and final movie in the To All The Boys series. The movie begins in Seoul on a spring break trip with Laura Jean, Kitty, Margot, her Father, and neighbor Trina. Laura Jean reconnects with the memory of her mother by searching for the lock her mother had left on a bridge as a reminder of her love. When Laura Jean returns home, she is nervously waiting for her result of her Stanford University so she can attend college with Peter. Trina and her Father start to plan a wedding, and Laura Jean does not get accepted into Stanford but she does get accepted into her backup schools, University of California, Berkeley, and New York University. On the senior trip to New York, Laura Jean fell in love with the city and decides to go with NYU rather than Berkeley which is closer to Stanford. 
Throughout the movie, Laura Jean must decide whether she will follow her dreams or Peter. 
I LOVED this movie!! I am trying to be a little bit more strict on my reviews, because honestly, I will give things four stars when they are totally undeserving of it. This movie comes VERY close to being a four-star for me, but there were a few tiny things that put me off. I almost put *3.999, but I decided I should just be a little bit stricter and go with the 3.75. Anyways, enough of my rambling, I really liked this movie! I loved that Laura Jean finally quit caring about her boyfriend and how this would affect, etc, and went with her heart!! Such a sweet, sweet movie!!
If you have seen it, then you will know what I am talking about, but I loved that Laura Jean grew up!! It was such a great ending to the series, and I will be re-watching, and re-crying (is that even a word) many times!

4. Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Ummm, so I read the play Romeo and Juliet, and comparing it to this movie, it was awful!! I am sure you all have read, or at least know the story of Romeo and Juliet, but here is a little recap. 
Romeo and Juliet are from two different families that HATE each other, like a lot! They meet, and it is love at first sight. In the end, they both die.....
I am not sure if I liked the movie or if I just liked Leonardo DiCaprio! ;)
Just kidding, I loved the movie, but I also LOVED Leonardo! Can we just take a moment to realize how cute he is!!! 
The only thing that I didn't truly enjoy about this movie, is the plot. The whole love-at-first-sight thing just does NOT seem realistic at all in movies! It is okay in books, but movies can't portray feelings, so it is harder to display. 
But, aside from that, I loved it! I loved the fish tank meeting scene, it is so cute! Also, one more random thought, Paul Rudd is super cute in this movie as well!! 
Great movie, and for sure worth the watch!!

5. Stranger Things (Season 3)
(100 stars if I could give them)
So I might have mentioned once or twice, or a LOT!
I finished Stranger Things season 3 in February, and I have a LOT of thoughts. If you haven't watched it, there will be spoilers!!
Number one, Mike and El together are so sweet!! I also loved the Scoops Troop, from the first episode, I knew I was going to like Robyn, and I did!! 
The ending...WHEW. It was tough...I cried, and I was so very upset, and then they played that ending scene that hinted that Hopper is alive?
Crazy!! Anyways, what did YOU think about Stranger Things, and are you excited for season 4!?

6. Agent Carter
(Four Stars)
As you might know, I went on a Marvel movie marathon last month, and I really enjoyed it! I found out that there was a show that goes deeper into Agent Carter's story post-Captain America: 1st Avenger. In season 1, Peggy is dealing with being discriminated against by the men at her work because she is a woman. She does not get a shot at any of the real jobs until she has to take matters into her own hands. Howard Stark is accused of giving dangerous weapons to bad people on the black market, but he comes to Peggy asking her to help prove them wrong. Peggy must work as a double agent to prove herself. In the second season, Peggy visits LA, and is fighting, well a lot of stuff!! 
This is a great show for Marvel lovers! It was kind of my cushion show after I finished Stranger Things! 

7. WandaVision
(Five Stars)
Before I kind of go into what WandaVision is about, have you watched it? How have you liked it, and are you excited for the season finale?
Anyways, WandaVision is, well, I would say confusing at first!! The first couple episodes are switching in between timelines of Wanda and Vision together in a perfect little world. Then we come to realize that Wanda has created her own little world and has seemingly brought Vision back to life!!
This is a GREAT show! I think that it has enough of everything for the whole family to enjoy, and Marvel lovers should be sure to watch it! I love it and look forward to it every Friday!

1. Stranger Things - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2. WandaVision - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. Agent Carter - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
4. To All The Boys: Always and Forever - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ *3.75
5. Romeo + Juliet - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ *3.5
6. To All The Boys I've Loved Before - ⭐⭐⭐ *3.5
7. To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You - ⭐⭐⭐ 

Well, friends, that is a wrap!! I hope you enjoyed this review! I will see you all tomorrow for a January recap! Have the best day!


  1. Can't wait for Stranger Things Season 4!!¡¡

  2. I gave WandaVision another chance and watched a few more episodes. Still not sure what to think but I will keep watching. I got pulled into To All The Boys movies...loved them all! Did you know Target has a line of clothes inspired by the movies? I just saw something on Insta and need to investigate a little more. Have a great day!

    1. Yes, it gets WAY better, the last few episodes will blow your mind!

  3. I just watched Always and Forever, Lara Jean yesterday, and I didn’t really like it. 😬 The books were a THOUSAND times better!! I thought that Peter was just weird. But I love Lara Jean. She’s such a like-able and endearing character!! We still haven’t gotten past episode 4 of Stranger Things 😂

  4. WandaVision is on our family's "to-watch" list. You have me curious about Stranger Things. :)

  5. I love reading your movie and show reviews!! There are a couple suggestions on here that both my husband and I might actually enjoy together-- and that's rare!! Keep these posts coming!

  6. My middle son (who is SO NOT a Marvel fan) began watching Wandavision with his friends and stuck with it far longer than my other three Marvel fans. He has since gotten them all to give it another chance and they are all really enjoying it.

  7. Abby.
    I loved the series Agent Carter!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and by letting me know that you did by leaving such a sweet comment!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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