Tuesday Talk - February Goals!!


Hey hey!! Happy, happy Tuesday!! I hope you have had a wonderful day so far, and that you had a wonderful Monday as well!! For today's post, I am sharing my monthly goals for the month of February!! I took a break from blogging, so that is why these are a week or so late, but I wanted to share them now rather than never! I hope you enjoy!!

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Drink 40 - 60 oz of water each week, 40 on non-volleyball days, 60 on volleyball days

Complete 10 push ups, sit ups, and squats at the top of each hour

Run 1 mile each morning starting Ash Wednesday

Go on 2 - 3 walks each day

Get in bed by 9:15 each night

Complete 4 workouts a week and go to volleyball three times a week

Practice volleyball at home as well as attend practice

Catch up on devotions (I am a couple days behind from my tournament)

Spend 10 - 15 minutes a day in quiet time/prayer


Spend more time in general with family

Have a movie night with the family

Have a game night with family

Go on family walks

Possibly have a picnic with the family??


Vacuum floors in room

Clean and dust off dresser and book case at least twice

Make bed everyday

Clean closet


Post 3 - 5 times a week (excluding my prior break)

Work on planning ahead on blog content

Pre-write blog posts 2 - 3 days in advance

Read 5 books (I have been SUPER behind in my reading, but I am shooting for at least 5 books, I will try to write very detailed book reviews to make up for the lack of books)

Post a movie review

Work on writing longer, and more detailed book and movie reviews

Find more blog content

Okay, friends!! That is all that I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed reading my goals! Have a wonderful day! See you guys back here tomorrow! Also let me know what YOUR goals are like! Are they similar or different to mine!?


  1. Why do these things seem so simple but so hard to do!

    1. I know right!!?? Writing these goals down made them seem doable but when I am actually supposed to do them it is hard to!!

  2. such great goals. I love that your getting moving every hour

    1. Thank you! Yes! I find it helpful to have a productive day when I get up and move!

  3. I was recently thinking of adding in mini "workouts" throughout the day too. I used to do that; just 10- 15 squats and sit ups here and there as they really do add up over time.

    1. Yes!! 10 at the top of the hour can’t hurt! They do add up, but luckily they are spread out so it doesn’t seem half bad!

  4. Great goals! I need to read a book or two. If I could just find the time!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it is so hard to balance blogging, reading, school/work, and everything else in one hand!

  5. Great goals and thoughts. I struggle so bad with preplanning content. All the tasks required to keep a blog running is insane.some days I want to lose it lol. I find doing posts spur of the moment is less stress..I know crazy..opposite of everyone else!

    1. Thank you!! Me too!! It is so hard to plan ahead! Same...I will have a super productive blogging day one day and a not so productive one the next! I have to get on a roll to get ahead!

  6. Abby, these are wonderful goals! I just started a 21 day healthy challenge this week and have similar water intake and exercise goals. I like the idea of 10 pushups, sit ups, squats, etc. at the top of each hour! That's kind of fun. I have just added a 10 minute HIIT workout to my daily exercise plan. It's good stuff! Thanks for linking with me!


    1. Thank you! Yes! Super easy and healthy! Thanks for hosting!!


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