Makeup Haul!


Hello, hello! Happy Tuesday! Today I am so excited to share with you my makeup haul!! Anna and I both love makeup, and we wanted to host a link-up to share what makeup we use!! I hope you enjoy! Also please comment on what makeup YOU use, and any makeup recommendations! Link-up HERE!

Before I get into the actual makeup, I am going to show y'all what I use under my makeup!

Under all of my makeup, I use this facial spray! I really, really like it, and it makes me feel so refreshed when I put it on! It is such a great product, and I am so glad I have it!

I really like this moisturizer, and I use it on my face regardless of if I wear makeup or not. It also has sunscreen in it! 

This eye cream is great! It is so moisturizing, and I use it every single day. 

Now onto the makeup!!

This concealer is great! It stays on throughout the day, and I love the applicator at the top!

For powder I use the Covergirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder! It doesn’t take a lot, and it works really well.

I really like this bronzer!! It is very lightweight, but it waterproof! I have one of the shiny ones, and I love the way it makes my face shine! 

I got this blush for Christmas, and I love it! It is a very light pink color, so you don’t have to worry about putting on too much! It is also very brightening, which is nice! Such a great blush!

I absolutely love this mascara, and don’t plan to use any other kind ever! This mascara makes my lashes look so full, and so long! I just love it!

This is a great eyeshadow! It has a variety of natural colors as well as some darker ones. I really only use the light pink color, the light shimmery one, and occasionally the bronze. 

This is a great eyebrow pencil! Super easy use, and I love the brush on the other end!

This lip oil is awesome! It is super moisturizing, and it has just a tint of color! It is so much better than any gloss or lipstick! I really love it!

Friends, I hope you enjoyed seeing my makeup haul!! Don’t forget to link-up HERE! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love using the facial spray!! It makes me feel so professional😂

  2. That facial spray is a favorite of mine, too! Great picks all around!

  3. Great finds! I am addicted to a bronzer :)

  4. I love using that facial spray to! Had a blast linking up with you! Love your make up haul!

  5. take care of that young beautiful skin! Lots of SPF!!!

  6. I am currently looking for skincare as I got allergic to my old ones! Pfff what a hunt!

  7. So many goodies here! Love the palette and that blush.

  8. I have that makeup spray and it is sooo good. Also the rose spray by the same company is great too. I love that mascara. I use the primer that goes with it too!

    1. I love it! I have heard good things about it! I really want to try the primer!

  9. You have such a great skin care regiment, Abby! I am loving some of these products. That eye shadow palette is really pretty. I am not really loyal to any particular brand, but I do love shopping the clearance makeup at Target after the holidays! Thanks for sharing and linking with me!


    1. Thank you! I am not loyal to any brand either! I think it’s best to mix and match! I love to get makeup fromT JMAX!


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