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Friday Favorites - 1.29.21


Hey friends!! Happy Fri-YAY!! Just like usual, I am sharing some favorites!! Hope you enjoy!!

Linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites, Shelbee for On The Edge, and Nancy for Fancy Friday!

O N E :

My first FAVORITE for today is getting to see Kate!! If you didn't know, last Friday was my best friend Kate's birthday! I got to stop by her house to drop off her gift, and we had talked for a while!! I had such a blast seeing you, Kate!! We have the best times together even if it's just a 30-minute chat!! πŸ’—

T W O :

On Saturday, my family went on a little walk! We normally all go on a trail together, but this time Clara got to go on a trail by ourselves!! Y'all, if I am being honest, we didn't do much walking, we went off-road and took a LOT of pictures!! These pictures!! 🀣🀣

T H R E E :

On Sunday, I got to see Sarah and Malcolm! If you did not know, I am not sure if I had shared this yet, but Malcolm recently got a job as strength coach for Western Kentucky football and track, so they just moved out there. On their way to Auburn for a funeral, they stopped by our house and dropped off Bear for a little while, then they came back and we got to hang out for a while!! I was so glad to finally see them!

F O U R :

Also on Sunday, Dad and I made a "fancy breakfast" of chocolate chip waffles and bacon!! So yummy!! The waffles were just the original waffle recipe from Dash Mini Waffle Maker with an added cup of chocolate chips! 

F I V E :

During the weekend I finished my Marvel Movie Marathon!! Y'all, these are the BEST movies! I had such a blast watching all of the Marvel movies in chronological order! It was like piecing together the whole universe! 

Does anyone else just LOVE Bucky?? Sebastian Stan was my celebrity crush for a while, but now I think I am on team Chris!! Honestly, I like both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, but I love Chris Evans more!! 😍

If you couldn't tell, I shed more than a few tears over these 23 movies!! πŸ˜‚

S I X :

So on Wednesday, I shared that I was taking my last science test of 8th grade!! At our school, we have a system that allows us to take tests as early as we want no matter what month or what we are working on, that means we can learn at the pace of everyone else or get ahead. I finished ALL of my 8th grade English tests back in November, and I am so happy to say that I passed my last science one!!! That means that all I have to do now, is work on the projects, but I do not have to take a single science test until 9th grade!! Yay!!

S E V E N :

Another FAVORITE of mine, have been going on my daily walks!! It is so refreshing to get out of the house and go on a nice walk!!

E I G H T :

I also have been loving these peanut butter honey oat balls!! They are so easy, so yummy, and so much fun to make!! Great, filling snack!!

N I N E :

I also made THIS homemade oatmeal one day!! It was really good, but I think I am going to share a tweaked recipe for it!! Mostly it is just adding more and less of stuff! This recipe is super easy, it only takes 10 or so minutes, great breakfast!!

Aren't these 5 AM photos just great!!?? πŸ˜‚

T E N :

Y'all, this is a BIG FAVORITE, to me at least!! 

I finally finished Season 1 of Stranger Things!!! 

It was SO GOOD!!! If any of you are Stranger Things fans, tell me your thoughts in the comments!! 

I am already so into Season 2!!

E L E V E N :

Another FAVORITE, is all the new PIP-tures!! Get it?? Do you guys remember the yawning cat photo that I snapped of Pip back in December? Well, look at these two new gems!!!

I also love this photo of Charles!! It looks like he is adjusting his dentist's light!! 

Speaking of Pip, one of Pip's FAVORITES is hanging out by my window! I like to keep my window open during the day, just to get that nice fresh air in my room, and Pip loves to bird-watch and meow at any birds!! 

T W E L V E :

This last one is sort of a FAVORITE, but also some sad news. 

My dog, Maddie, has been having some minor coughing and panting for a little while, but it did not seem that bad, we thought maybe she had been pulling while getting her bath. Just this week, it progressed into constantly not being able to catch her breath, and sometimes shaking in her sleep. We took her to the vet, and there are two possible options, and we are getting the results soon. 
It could either be cancer that has gone into her lungs, or a fungal infection. Neither of these are good, at all. We are probably looking at a couple of months left with Mads. 
We have been taking extra care of Mads, and spoiling her a little bit!! During the day, while Mom and Dad are at work, we move Maddie's bed into my room and she hangs with me and Pip! We are just trying to soak up every last moment we have with her! 

Okay, friends, that is all that I have for you today, but before you go, check out my earlier posts!

This week on the blog . . . 


I hope you enjoyed!! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!! 


  1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry Mads is not well, prayers my friend! This was a great round up of favorites. I have my Dash mini waffle maker out and ready to go for a bridal shower I am hosting in a few weeks. I'll be making those waffles for sure.
    My younger son loves the Marvel movies, I should watch them like you did so I can understand and appreciate them!
    Congrats on your last exam until 9th grade!
    Have a great weekend beautiful girl!

    1. Thank you, Kellyann! Isn't it so handy! Mine came with a little recipe book, and there are so cool recipes in there, like chocolate waffles!! They are so good! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your dog! I will keep her in my prayers. Props to you for watching ALL 23 Marvel movies- that is dedication! I wish when I was in school,we could work ahead and get exams done quickly! Congrats on that! Enjoy your weekend! :)

    1. Thank you. Haha, I had to do something during my quarantine Thank you! Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Aw, I am so sorry Mads isn't feeling well. My boys and I love chocolate chip waffles! They're delicious with fresh strawberries sprinkled on top too.

  4. Oh no!! I’m so sorry about Maddie!! πŸ™ Have a great weekend Abby!!

  5. aw i am so sorry to hear about maddie!! she is the sweetest! i had the best time seeing youπŸ’—

  6. I am sorry for maddie. Great post love those favs

  7. Sending prayers of comfort with relation to your dog. I love these cat photos. Our new cat looks just like Pip and we have a bird! Lol!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about Maddie. :( It is never easy when a pet is sick. It's great that your school allows you to work ahead if you want. Way to go getting so much done!

  9. Our cocker spaniel had a similar issue with a chronic cough. It is hard when they are sick. It sounds like y’all are taking extra care of her and that is what she needs ;). WTG, on getting ahead on your schoolwork! Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm sorry about your dog! I like your cat pictures, cats are so funny.

  11. It's lovely to read about your week. Not good news on Maddie though. I'm very sorry. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend.

  12. Oh my gosh, cutest photos of Pip, LOL! Love that you guys got outdoors on some walks. I make those little energy bites a lot. They are the best! Have a happy weekend, Abby.

  13. Chocolate chip waffles are the best! I loved Stranger Things and cannot wait for Season 4 to come out later this year! I'm so sorry about your dog Maddie. Take extra good care of her!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  14. Looks like you've been having lots of fun. I love the kitty photos. I am a huge Stranger Things fan!

  15. Abby, this post just made me smile all the way through! Except the part about Maddie. Sending lots of prayers to you. I love that you watched all the Marvel movies, too. And a big congratulations on passing your test. Thanks so much for sharing all of this wonderful stuff!


  16. I can't believe you are done with English and Science already. Way to go. Yay to seeing your friends! I need to up my waffle game and add in things like chocolate chips...and bacon. Do it if you haven't yet!


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