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Friday Favorites - 1.29.21

  Hey friends!! Happy Fri-YAY!! Just like usual, I am sharing some favorites!! Hope you enjoy!! Linking up with  Erika  and  Andrea  for Friday Favorites,  Shelbee  for On The Edge, and  Nancy  for Fancy Friday! O N E : My first FAVORITE for today is getting to see Kate!! If you didn't know, last Friday was my best friend Kate's birthday! I got to stop by her house to drop off her gift, and we had talked for a while!! I had such a blast seeing you, Kate!! We have the best times together even if it's just a 30-minute chat!! 💗 T W O : On Saturday, my family went on a little walk! We normally all go on a trail together, but this time Clara got to go on a trail by ourselves!! Y'all, if I am being honest, we didn't do much walking, we went off-road and took a LOT of pictures!! These pictures!! 🤣🤣 T H R E E : On Sunday, I got to see Sarah and Malcolm! If you did not know, I am not sure if I had shared this yet, but Malcolm recently got a job as strength coach for Weste

January 2021 Monthly Musings!!

Hey friends!! Happy Thursday!! Today I am so very excited to be sharing with you a little monthly linkup called Monthly Musings that is hosted by two wonderful bloggers!  Before we get into it, check out my posts from earlier this week!  Monday I shared my January Movie Review , Tuesday was my January Book Review , and Wednesday was WUW !! Linking up with Holly and Patty for Monthly Musings, and Joanne for Encouraging Hearts and Homes! As you guys know, each month Holly and Patty put together a couple of questions for us to answer! Here are this month's questions! Here we go! 1. How do you show love? What is your love language? I recently took a love language test, and here are the results!! My primary love language is quality time, and honestly, I was not too surprised! I honestly feel the most loved when people spend time with me, and I feel that I show my love most by being with other people! Words of affirmation are my secondary love language.  2. Do you have any fun Valenti