Weekend Recap: 12/10 - 12/13


Hey there! Happy Monday! Today I am so excited to share another Weekend Recap! Guys, there are 11 days till Christmas! We are getting so close!!! 
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Thursday I got up, and got ready just like normal! Then around 7:30 Mom and I went to pick up Ella!! We hung out and did our school work!! We had the best time!!

Friday I got up, per usual, and got ready for the day! The candy from our advent calendars were pink flamingo gummies! They were super yummy!
For some reason, I decided to curl my hair! It actually turned out pretty nice!
I did some school while the kitties were having a blast in the window!
After lunch I did some reading! I am enjoying The Chaos of Standing Still!
I did some note-taking for history, and passed a test with a 10/10!
Then, for the rest of the day, I just hung out, read, and watched Saved By The Bell!
Then it was lights out for the Saturday!

Saturday was a GREAT day!!
I slept in to around 8:00, which was so nice! Then I showered and got ready for the day!
For breakfast we had blueberry biscuits, which were so good!!
During the day I found this playlist on Spotify, and was super excited!
The advent for the day was PUMPKIN SPICE ALMONDS!! They were amazing!
Then, around 3:30 Mom dropped me off at Anderson’s house!! We had the best time watching movies, watching Auburn win in basketball and football, and hanging out! It was so nice to see my bestie!!

Sunday was a pretty uneventful day! Anderson and I got up, ate breakfast which was biscuits, eggs, bacon, and hot chocolate!! Yummy! Then I went home, and got ready for practice! After practice I showered, blogged, and it was lights out!

Okay friends, that is all that I have for you today!! I hope you enjoyed! I will see you back here for a Christmas Movie Link-up with Anna!!


  1. Abby, you had a fun and very productive weekend! Thanks for sharing it so beautifully.

  2. great post!! but can you believe gus malzhan got fired?! i spent my whole sunday in shock haha!

  3. Great post Abby! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Your hair looks great curled - super pretty! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. What a great week, and YAY for passing your history test {this is the teacher coming out in me, cheering you on}!

  6. I used to watch Saved By the Bell all the time! How fun to have a friend to do your schoolwork with.

  7. love your post, looks like a great week!!

  8. What a fun weekend! Your hair looks so pretty curled!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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