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December 2020 Book Review & Monthly Book Club

  Hey there! Happy book review day!! Today is Ella and I’s very first monthly book club link-up! We picked out two books for everyone to read for December, and now we are sharing what we read! You can link-up HERE ! Don’t forget to grab our graphic too! Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I thought this book was great!! It is three different stories that all connect to each other, but are all about different characters. It was a very fun holiday read! I loved the characters, and how all three stories connected at the end! It was super, super sweet, and was very cute! Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan ⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was also was one of our book club books. It was probably more of a three and a half rating. This book was super cute, and I loved the way Dash & Lily were brought together! This first one wasn’t too Christmasy, but you could tell it was meant to read during the holidays. It was pret

Happy Birthday Clara!

  Hey y’all! Happy Saturday! Today I am hopping on for a minute to celebrate Clara’s 8th birthday!!! I can’t believe that Clara is 8, it seems just a little while ago that she came home from the hospital, and I had a little sister! I am mind blown, that eight years ago today my little sister came into this world. You are so fun, sweet, outgoing, and caring! I love you, so much Clara. I am so lucky to get to have the one and only Clara Jackson in my life!! Wishing you the happiest birthday ever, love you!! Happy birthday, Clara!! -Abby

Merry Christmas!!

  Hey friends! Happy Christmas Eve! I still can’t believe we are this close to Christmas, how crazy!  I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, from my family to yours. I have so enjoyed blogging everyday, and I think I should do it every year in December! Thanks for sticking with me all 24 posts until Christmas!!  Tomorrow I will be taking the day off of blogging, but I will be back Saturday! After Saturday I won’t be posting until Tuesday, where I will be sharing my monthly book review! I will post on the last day of December, and the first day of the New Year!  I hope all of your days are Merry and Bright, and that you have a white Christmas! 24 Posts Till Christmas: 25 Days 'Till Christmas On The Blog November 2020 Classics Book Review Christmas Playlist 2020 Linkup Friday Favorite - 12.4.20 Currently - 12/5 Gift Guide: Makeup Stocking Stuffers Weekend Recap: 12/4 - 12/6 Christmas Decor 2020 November 2020 At A Glance December 2020 Monthly Goals Friday Favorites - 12/11/

Christmas Family Traditions

Hey there friends!! Happy, happy Wednesday!! There are two days until Christmas!! I can’t believe it! Today I am sharing a couple of my family’s Christmas traditions. For today’s post, I am linking up with Lindsay for Wednesday Chat, and Penny for Wonderful Wednesday! O N E : During the Iron Bowl weekend, we get a tree and decorate it! Sometimes we will get a tree a little earlier than that weekend, just so it can be prepared, then we decorate it while watching the game! It is so much fun to do, and it's so funny when we come across an Auburn ornament. We have quite a few Auburn beating Bama ornaments! This is the only picture I have of me by our Christmas tree! T W O : Each Christmas, we will make some sort of baked goodies for our neighbors, family, and friends. Sometimes we will make an assortment of cookies, one year we made these really yummy cream cheese brownies, cheerio grabbers, and this year coffee cakes and banana breads! We love giving out gifts like these because we

This or That: Christmas Edition

  Hey there friends!! How are you doing today, good I hope!! There are 3 days until Christmas!! Where has the time gone??!! I am also super surprised that I have posted 22 days in a row, and I still have three more days!! I have loved spending every day with you guys! Today I am sharing a This or That! I saw this idea from Bri’s blog , and I decided I had to post it! Thank you Bri , for the inspiration behind this post! Today Clara is going to be answering all of the questions as well! We are going to have a blast!!  For today’s post, I am linking up with Jen for The Happy Now, Beverly & Gloria for Beautifully Made, Melissa  for Farm Fresh Tuesdays, and Shelbee  for Spread The Kindness! I hope you guys enjoy! 1. Home Alone OR A Christmas Story? Me:  Home Alone 100%!! I don't have anything against A Christmas Story, I just don't watch it as much. On the other hand, I watch Home Alone all the time!! I just love it, and it will never get old! Clara: Home Alone I guess, beca

Weekend Recap: 12/18 - 12/20

Hey friends!! Happy last Monday before Christmas!! Y'all, there are FOUR days until Christmas!! How crazy is that!!?? This will be my last weekend recap of the year, so I hope you enjoy! As usual, I am linking up with   Heather ,  Lindsay ,  Johannah , and  Tanya ! Friday - 12/18 Friday was my last day of school before Christmas break! I got up at my usual time, and got ready! Clara was hanging out with me while I was getting ready! What a great photo!! ;) I passed a test for math, and I am so happy I am ahead in math!! In between zoom meetings, Pip was being so sweet, so I had to take a picture! Then around 10:30, I started taking notes and studying for a history test that we don’t have to take for a while. I wanted to go ahead and take it to see if I could get it over with, and I passed it with a 10/10!! Yay!! After I was done with my history zoom meeting, I was done with all my school work!! Mom and I got to work on our coffee cakes and banana breads to give to neighbors and fri