Weekend Recap: 11/26 - 11/29


Hello hello! Happy Monday! I know I said I wasn’t posting till Tuesday, but I have decided to do a Weekend Recap! Every Monday of December (and today), I am going to be posting my Weekend Recaps and I will be linking up with Heather, Lindsay, Johannah, and Tanya!
 I hope you enjoy! For this Weekend Recap, I am starting on Thursday!

Thursday - 11.26
Thursday was Thanksgiving! For Thanksgiving we all ate outside on our back porch! We had such a great time while eating some great food! I am so glad that I got to the fam; Sarah, Malcolm, Nana, and Bear!

What sweet cousins!! Bear and Pip are now best friends!!
I ended the day with Charles Dickens having fun around my mini tree in my room!

Friday - 11.27
Friday I slept in, because I was tired from Thanksgiving! I got up and went to check on Fitz and George who I am pet sitting!

Fitz and I did some reading!
Then after checking on the pets, I went home and watched the Auburn vs. Gonzaga basketball game! WAR EAGLE! We lost, but it was still fun to watch!
Sarah brought some Bubly drinks, and I definitely enjoyed mine! I think it’s the packaging that has me hooked! :)
Then we started with our Christmas decorating... 
This is our first artificial tree, and we ran out of lights right in the middle of the tree! 
Then we all went to bed!

Saturday - 11.28
Saturday was Iron Bowl day!!
We started off the day going to Clara’s volleyball match!
Then we went to Home Depot to get more lights! Clara and I had a great time in the buggy! :)
We stopped at Publix to pick up the ingredients for our PORTOBELLO BURGERS!
They were delicious!!!
We watched the Iron Bowl, tears. Ugggh! 
We started decorating our tree, and the second we put our tree skirt down, Pip settled down and took a nap on it! 
This was our finished product of the tree!

We also did some more decorating around the house, and that will all be shared in my Christmas Decorations 2020 coming soon!
The kitties are loving the tree!

Sunday - 11.29
Sunday was a rainy, dreary, slow kind of day! I checked on the pets, did lots of reading, blogged, and put up even more Christmas decorations! I also mentally prepared myself to get back into the school day routine! Luckily I am virtual so it’s not that bad!

Okay guys! That was my Weekend  Recap! I hope you enjoyed! Have a great Monday! I will see you back here tomorrow for...25 Days ‘Till Christmas On The Blog! I’m so excited!


  1. Such a fun weekend!! Love your Christmas decorations!!

    1. It was! Thanks for reading Ella! Can’t wait for our Classic Book Review and our Christmas Playlist Link-up!

  2. That Portabella burger looks great and so does the tree! Have a super sweet start to your week!

    1. It really was good! The mushrooms themselves were amazing!! Have a great week as well!

  3. What a great weekend! I am loving your beautiful tree! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Lovely weekend! It's hard to go from a fun week off to returning back to the grind. ;) Happy Monday!

  5. sounds like a great weekend! Love that graphic!

  6. That tree is beautiful! Our cat used to sleep under our tree right on the tree skirt too.

    1. Thank you! That seems like it will be happening often! Thanks fir reading.


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