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Friday Favorites - It’s Thanksgiving Break!

Hey everyone! Happy happy Fri-YAY!!! I have an exciting post for today, and I can’t wait to share!! This week was full of fun things! Staying at home can still be super fun!! Make sure you have checked out my posts from this week!! On Monday I shared October 2020 Month in Review, Tuesday I shared Tuesday Talk: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Desserts, and on Wednesday I shared November 2020 Monthly Goals! Make sure to see those! For today, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea!!

My first FAVORITE from this week, is walks with my family! On Saturday and Sunday we went walking on the trails around the AUM campus! We had a blast, and we saw LOTS of pretty scenery along the way!!

On Saturday, I got around to lots of reading!! I had so much fun reading in or hammock outside! The weather was nice, but a little warm! It was great! Reading in the hammock is always a FAVORITE of mine!

I also did some hammock reading on Tuesday! The weather was WONDERFUL!

Speaking of wonderful, how about the weather in Alabama this week! Everyday when I wake up it is around 30 degrees, the perfect morning running weather, and it stays cold for the rest of the day! It is great! This cool weather is a huge FAVORITE of mine! 

Every morning this week I went on a run/walk with Maddie!! It has been wonderful weather, and I love it!! Maddie gets so excited in the morning! She loves it, so this FAVORITE is from the both of us!!

These pictures of Pip, are a FAVORITE of mine! 

On Sunday we had curbside delivery to the car from San Marcos! I had Pollo Loco (crazy chicken), it is my favorite!! Take-out for dinner is a FAVORITE!

Clara and I were hanging out in the hammock this week as well! Sister time is a FAVORITE of mine!!

Saturday I made THESE vanilla and cinnamon pancakes! They were delicious, and were super easy to make! I definitely recommend this recipe! These were a FAVORITE from this week!

THIS Nautica puffy jacket from Costco is a FAVORITE! I got it in white, and my Mom got it in black so we can switch them up if we want!! 

My last FAVORITE for today, is going to the last Auburn volleyball match of the season!! My Dad and I had a blast (even though we lost)! It is always fun to get to watch some volleyball!

That is all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! I am officially on break after my 11:40 zoom meeting!! Yay!! I am so thankful for a little break from school! I think we all need some rest! Have a wonderful Friday, and weekend! I will see you back here on Monday where I will be sharing all of the things I am thankful for this year!!



  1. We had to pack our hammock away for the winter but reading a book in it is one of my favorites too.

    1. Aww! I am not sure if it will get cold enough for us to pack ours away, plus it never snows here. Reading is just so peaceful, especially when in a hammock!

  2. That hammock looks so nice!! Loved this post Abby!!

  3. So much goodness. Enjoy.

  4. Ohhhh, look at the two precious fur-babies your family has at home, Maddie & Pip. SO sweet! Glad I found your blog. Thanks for stopping over at mine so I could meet you. <3 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Thank you! This means so much to me! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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