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September 2020 Review


Hey hey! Happy Wednesday! Sorry for not posting on Monday, I started working on the post but it was too late! Today I am sharing a review of my September! I hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 7:
Monday is our virtual girls lunch day, but everyone was out of town except for Kate!! So the two of us met up and had PITA Street Food! Afterwards we went to Home Depot, and then checked out her new house!

Friday and Saturday, September 18 and 19:

I did lots of petsitting on Friday and Saturday! Fitz and George are the best! I love petsitting them!

Monday, September 21:
Monday was another lunch meeting! Also, the top I am wearing is from Old Navy and I love it! You can find it HERE!

Monday, September 28:

Monday was another lunch meeting, and it was Mary Hayden’s birthday!! We had the best time hanging out and eating!!

Tuesday, September 29:

Tuesday was MH’s birthday party!! We had burgers for dinner, along with an amazing eleven layered cake!! It was amazing by the way! We had the best time, and I am so thankful for these best friends! 

Guys, that is basically all of my September! Because I’m a virtual learner the only social outings I get are my lunches with my friends! I hope you guys enjoyed a sneak peak into my September! I am hoping to review October soon after the month is over and in a different format! I will see you guys back here on Friday! Have a wonderful day! We can make it through the week! Right?


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