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Friday Favorites - Almost Halloween!

Guys, only one more day until Halloween!!!! I am so excited! Today is Friday, so today I am will be sharing my Friday Favorites!! If you missed any of my posts from this week, you can find them all HERE ! On Monday I shared a Weekend Recap: 10.23 - 10.25 , Tuesday I shared my Halloween Decor 2020 , Wednesday I shared What’s Up Wednesday - 10.28.20 , and Thursday I shared my Halloween Playlist 2020 Link Up ! Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to bring you guys this post!! O N E: On Wednesday Mom and I made some Halloween treats! This was really easy! We cut the top off of a cute orange, and then carved out the little pumpkin face with out pumpkin carvers! We scooped out the cutie, and then put some fresh fruit in!! We gave these to Sawyer (Clara’s best friend who lives right across the street from us) and Clara after school one afternoon and they LOVED them! Then we made some sweeter treats!! The strawberries were just strawberries dipped in white chocolate with little chocol

Halloween Playlist 2020 Link Up

Hey y’all!! Happy happy Thursday!!! It’s almost Halloween!! Only three more days!! Eeeks! Today’s post is SUPER exciting, and I can’t wait to share! Today it is time for my Halloween Playlist 2020!! I have been super excited for this post, and when Ella and I decided to link up together and host it as a link party, I was ecstatic!! If you are a blogger please link up HERE ! Ella and I would love to have you!  1. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr - This song is awesome!! It’s awesome to dance to, and I love it! When Clara was doing virtual schooling, Sheri teacher played this song and all of the kids were jamming out! It was definitely a laugh out loud moment! :) 2. Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift - I have been listening to this song, and counting down the days until Halloween! The beginning of this song always used to scare me!!  3. Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett - I absolutely love this song! It ALWAYS manages to get stuck in my head whenever I hear it! 4. Spooky Scary S

What’s Up Wednesday - 10.28.20

  Hey there!! Happy Wednesday!! Today is one of my favorite days of the month, because it’s time for What’s Up Wednesday! Not only am I excited for What’s Up Wednesday, but I am also super excited for Halloween!! I am counting down the days until Saturday!! Since it’s the week of Halloween, I am posting Monday-Friday! You can read Monday’s post on a Weekend Recap: 10.23-10.25 HERE ! You can read Tuesday’s post on Halloween Decor 2020 HERE ! Today I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay to bring you this post! 1. What We’re Eating This Week: This week we are having spinach and steak salads, egg whites, spinach, and red onions, pork loin, and a spaghetti!!  The steak salad is amazing! We make a honey and cayenne dressing to go with it that is so good! We also add mandarin oranges and pickled red onions! 2. What I’m Reminiscing About: Since it’s almost Halloween, I can’t help but think about last years Halloween! Halloween 2019 was the BEST!! Kate, Ella, and I all were dressed up as Sull

Halloween Decor 2020

Hello hello!! Happy Tuesday!! Guys, it’s the week of Halloween! I am so excited, so today I am sharing our Halloween Decor 2020!! Because it is the week of Halloween, I am posting every week day this week!  If you look in the labels spot  on my blog, there is a label called Halloween Week 2020 and you can check out all of the posts from this week there! If you missed it, check out my post from Monday on Weekend Recap: 10.23 - 10.25 !! Okay, let’s dive in!! This was our family pumpkin that we all worked on! We carved the main pumpkin on Saturday night and then we worked in the little spider pumpkin on Sunday! The little spider pumpkin was super easy to do! We cut the stem off, colored it with black Sharpie, glued on the eyes, and poked in the legs!! Here’s what it looks like when it’s on at night! These three are our individual pumpkins! I like to call them the animal trio! We flipped an old planter and put the pumpkins on top! It looks great. We also have a white pumpkin that we didn’

Weekend Recap: 10.23 - 10.25

Hey there!! Happy Monday!! This week is Halloween! Guys, even though I’m thirteen I always get excited for Halloween and I am especially excited this year. After all of this not fun or exciting year, it’s nice to do something light and happy for a day! Today I am recapping my weekend! I hope you guys enjoy. Also, I am linking up with Heather for Hello Monday!! Friday 10.23: On Friday before Clara got home from school, Mom and I went on a quick run to Marshals and Home goods. I didn’t take any pictures except for this one, just because it made me laugh!! ;) On Friday, I was also petsitting sweet Fitz and George!! I love petsitting these two!!  Saturday 10.24: Saturday was a rainy and dreary day, so we didn’t do much but watch football and I was petsitting. I spotted these two cuddling!! We also watched Auburn barely beating Ole Miss. Auburn Football, I love you so much but you are so inconsistent!!! *Sigh* Saturday night we carved a pumpkin Mom and Clara got!  Sunday 10.25: Sunday was