Tuesday Talk...Our Virtual Learning Room!

Hey hey!! Happy Tuesday, and happy first day of fall!!!! This is my favorite season, because it means sweater season, jeans, cozy sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, duck boots, and football!!! Keep checking back next week, because I am posting My Favorite Things: Fall Edition!!! Today it is finally Tuesday Talk, and I am talking all about our virtual learning room! Before we started transforming it into what it is now, it was just kind of an extra room that had a big desk, and bookshelves full of books! We never really used it for anything, so turning it into out learning room was a plus no matter what happened! We picked out the furniture, and the paint a couple weeks before school started, and we put it all together!! We all love this room and it is our favorite in the house! I hope you guys enjoy reading this post! Today I am linking up with Erika and Ashley to bring you this post! 

These chairs are so comfortable! They don't make you slouch, but you can ease into them! We paired each chair with a pillow of our choice for fun!! We picked white pillows with teal shapes, mine is connected zig zags, and Clara's is flowers! 

We LOVE these plant hangers! They hang in the corner next to our table. We picked three different pots, and we just arranged fake plants in them! They are so cool, and are a great addition to our room!! 

These drop cloths, are our curtains! All we had to do was wash them, dry them, iron them, and hang them up with THESE Cambria clips! They are a nice addition to the room, and look so nice! 

Bee & Willow Home Glass Accent Lamp:
This lamp is awesome, we have two of them on our book shelf!

These chairs are so comfortable!! They are big and are so cozy to sit in! Ours are in the color turquoise! We each picked out one throw pillow to go with each chair!

This paint is such a nice color! It looks so nice, especially with all of our accent fun colors! This is an example living room with White Heron on its walls!

The bookshelf with the lamps on it, used to be black, but we wanted to paint it a fun color! We went with Picking Apples! This color is so pretty! Especially with the lamps on top of it! 

This table was exactly what we were looking for!! We walked around At Home for a little while, when we stumbled across this table! It was perfect, and we love it!! It is the perfect size and fits perfectly by our window!

Well, that is all I have for you today!! I hope you enjoyed this post!! There may be a couple of links and things that I left out, and if you want more info on anything just leave a comment!! I hope you all have a great day!! Thanks again Erika and Ashley for hosting Tuesday Talk!! See you guys tomorrow, with a recap of my August & September of 2020!


  1. What a lovely space. Thanks for the reminder for Tuesday Talk; I forgot all about it!


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