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Hello Monday...August Book Review!


Hey!! Happy Monday!! I know I have not blogged in FOREVER, but I think I am back for good! Please check on my blog every day this week, because I am posting M,T,W,T. & F all this week until I catch up! I am so sorry for the lack of posts, I have just had my hands full with school and volleyball! Anyways, thank you guys for reading my blog! Today I am starting back with my August Book Review!

If you missed them, you can read all of my book reviews here!

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If you haven't read those book reviews, I totally recommend you to because I have read some GREAT books!! I am super excited for this months book review because I might have some new favorites!!! Okay, starting with the first book I finished!

The Heir, by Kiera Cass:

This book is fourth book in The Selection series, but it starts twenty years later and is narrated by America and Maxon’s daughter Eadlyn. I actually read this book online, which was a first for me! I don’t normally read online and I really really liked it! The book is about Eadlyn- who is going to be ruler of her kingdom-coming of betrothal age, and her parents want her to have a reverse Selection. After putting up quite a fight she agrees. In the book thirty five boys come to live in the palace and try to win Eadlyn’s heart, but Eadlyn is not interested in any of them. Eadlyn doesn’t think that her Selection will be as much of a fairy tale as her parent’s were, but throughout the book she finds that funding her own happy ever after isn’t so hard after all. The book has a huge surprise, and then it ends, but don’t worry there is one that follows it!  

The Crown, by Kiera Cass:

The Crown is the fifth and last novel in The Selection series. The book picks up almost immediately after The Heir leaves off, Queen America has a heart attack after finding out that Ahren eloped. Eadlyn is still in the middle of her selection, and she still can't decide who she likes. With everything going on, Eadlyn proposes that she take the throne in order for her parents to finally have some peace, and she becomes queen. While going through all of the plans for her coronation day, she spends some time with Erik, one of the Selected's translator. She realizes right then and there, that she has feeling for him but that she can't marry him because he isn't a part of  The Selection. At her coronation, Marid Illea tells Eadlyn that they should get married to unite their country or else he would spread around ill rumors about her. She realizes that he just wants the throne and rushes out of the room, only to run into Erik and they both admit their feelings for each other. 
This book might not sound very good by the way I am summarizing it, but trust me it is awesome!! The end really shocked me!! So much stuff happens and my mind was completely blown! After all of the crazy events, it says what happens and that everyone lives happily ever after!!! This book is just so sweet, and I was in tears at the end!! I recommend this book series to anyone and everyone!! 

A Selection Novella, The Queen, by Kiera Cass:
The Queen is kind of a backstory for The Selection series. This book is from Maxon's mother, Queen Amberly's point of view. It is about when Amberly was a girl and she participating in the selection for King Clarkson. It tells all about how she was just an ordinary girl, and how she caught King Clarkson's eye! The book was really short, only 94 pages, but it was enjoyable to read! It was cool to read the backstory of how King Clarkson chose his wife! I really enjoyed this book, and I LOVE getting to have a little peek into the story!

A Selection Novella, The Guard, by Kiera Cass:
The Guard is also a little sneak peek into The Selection, but from someone else point of view! This story is told by Aspen, America's first true love, who is working as a guard at the palace with America and Maxon.  I really enjoyed this book! It was nice to see everything kind of zoomed out, and it made me feel so bad for Aspen and how heartbroken he was that America liked Maxon! This book was also really short, and it was easy to get through! I really like this book, and I love the role it played in this series!

A Selection Novella, The Favorite, by Kiera Cass:
I LOVED this book!! I had already loved Marlee in the first three selection series books, and when I found a book completely narrated by her I couldn't not read it!! This book was so sweet, and made me laugh!! I was so happy that Marlee was able to stay in the palace even though she was banished! This book is awesome and I loved to read something from Marlee's point of view!!

A Selection Novella, The Prince, by Kiera Cass:
Trust me, this is the last selection related book!! This might be one of my favorites of the selection novella mini series. This book is from Prince Maxon's point of view of the selection and the events leading up to it. It only covers the first couple of days in the selection but it still gives plenty of insight! I loved getting to see how the selection went, but from Maxon's point of view! This book was so good, and it wasn't boring having to read the same story again. 

Midnight Sun, by Stephanie Meyer:
I LOVE Twilight! It is one of my favorite book series EVER, so I was SOOOO excited when I heard a new book was coming out!
Midnight Sun, is the same Twilight story but told from Edward's point of view! This blew past my expectations! I was excited and happy about it, but I thought that it might be boring reading the same story again, but the book was so good! Stephanie Meyer did a GREAT job of retelling the same story, and giving the other side of the story that we didn't get to see in the first book! I loved this book, and if you are reading the Twilight series, then you need to read this book along with it!

Eldest, by Christopher Paolini
I really enjoyed reading this book. I have read this series a couple of times, but I love to reread books! At first this book can be kind of slow, but it gets better and better. This series is just full of long books, so sometimes it takes a while to read them all! 
This book is so detailed, and there is always some type of action happening! 

Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson
Best. Book. Ever.
Just Mercy is about young Bryan Stevenson fighting to get Walter McMillian off of death row. During the story he also shares about other cases he has taken, where people are on death row, or life sentence without parole. This book is a slap in the face of reality, of how unfair our justice system is. It showed how African Americans, were wrongly accused of things they didn't do, and were killed or put into jail for the rest of their life. 
Walter McMillian was a successful black man, who was wrongly accused of murdering a white woman. After being sent death row after an unfair trial, Bryan began to help him out. For six years, Walter was on death row. Finally, in 1993 Walter was released. 
This book honestly made me want to become a lawyer, right then and there. 
I recommend this book to anyone, and everyone. It is eye opening, and made me cry, but it is such an amazing book! 

Well, that is all that I have for you today!! All of these books are amazing, and if you love to read I am sure you would love these books!! 
Today I am linking up with Heather to bring you this post!
Have a GREAT day! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you back here tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!!


  1. i’m SO SO SO happy you are back!!!!!

  2. My 15 year old loves The Selection series. I had no idea there were so many books! And she's reading Midnight Sun right now!

  3. Yay!! Your back!! We missed you in the blogging world!! Loved this post Abby!!

  4. I love re-reading books too! That last one-- Wow; it sure sounds amazing. It's sad and frustrating how limiting our legal system can be at times.

  5. I have heard great things about the selection series. Visiting you from the hello monday link up.

  6. I liked The Selection series and would love to read Just Mercy. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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