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June & July Book Review!!

Hey there!! Happy Thursday!! Today is the day I am finally posting my book review!! I am super excited for the books this month that were mostly great!! Let's go!

Glass Sword:
Glass Sword is the second book in the Red Queen series. The first book, Red Queen, was really really good and I finished it in about four hours! When I got this book, I started reading the beginning super fast expecting to be hooked onto it in a couple of pages. That did not happen. After reading a couple of chapters, I realized that this book was going to be nowhere as good as the first one. This book started a little interesting, then it just got boring. Every once in a while something interesting would happen, but it just got lost in all of the other boring things. But, I do recommend reading it and finishing through with the series because trust me it gets better! 
The book starts immediately after Red Queen ends. In the beginning, Farley, Shade, Cal, and Mare are escaping to try and meet up with the Scarlet Guard, who are located on an island. Mare is reunited with her family, but she escapes with Farley, Shade, Kilorn, and Cal to rescue the newbloods before Maven reaches them. For most of the book, they are traveling around the country finding the newbloods and recruiting them. 
Rating: 3/10

King's Cage:
King's Cage is the third installment in the Red Queen series. This book is MUCH more fast paced than Glass Sword, but not quite as much as the first book. Throughout the book, I found myself reading some parts incredibly fast while having a hard time getting through other parts, but it was overall much better than Glass Sword. 
The book is told from Mare and Cameron's point of views, and it switches every other chapter or so. When reading from Mare's point of view we are getting an inside view into life in the palace (or at least what Mare is permitted to see), we start to fully understand Maven and his schemes, while we are also getting a good look into the Scarlet Guard from Cameron. Mare is trapped in the palace without any of her powers, and she is constantly forced to be Maven's puppet. 
I do have to say that this book had me on my toes. Especially towards the end! It was exciting while not cramming too many events into one book!
Rating: 6/10

War Storm:
After reading this, my initial reaction was first, WOW, and then instant curiosity about what was going to happen next because the series ended on a slight cliff hanger. 
The ending of King's Cage was shocking to me, so the way this book went made my jaw drop multiple times! 
A LOT of stuff happens in this book, and I mean a lot. So many battles, so many romances, so many deaths, so many near deaths, and a lot of anticipation. The book was amazing! I advise anyone and everyone to read this full series, because the ending makes it worth it. 
The book is told from Mare's, Cameron's, Cal's, Maven's, Evangeline's, and Iris. We get to peak into the minds of each of these characters. Although the story can be a little choppy when divided by different points of views, the story went together nicely and Victoria Aveyard did a splendid job writing this book. The book starts out pretty close to when King's Cage ended. Most of the book is the Kingdom of the Rift, the Scarlet Guard, Monfort, and whatever Cal has power over in Norta teaming up to finally defeat Maven. 
The ending was pretty abrupt, and I was a little upset by the cliffhanger, but the book was great!
Rating: 6.5/10

The Lost Hero:
The Lost Hero is the first book in The Heroes of Olympus series, which is basically a follow up series for the first Percy Jackson series. This book introduces three new characters who we have not met before. Piper, Jason, and Leo who are all demigods. The three of them are taken to Camp Half-Blood where they are sent on a quest to free Hera. The book alternates point of 
view between Piper, Jason, and Leo. 
This book has a lot of jaw dropping moments, as well as sweet love story moments. The Lost Hero, and The Son of Neptune are kind of separate stories involving different characters, but by Mark of Athena both teams have met up and are fulfilling the prophecy of the seven.  
Rating: 7/10

The Son of Neptune:
When I first read this series a couple of years ago, I was so glad to finally have Percy Jackson back in the books. In the Lost Hero he is missing, but this book shows his tales while Piper, Jason, and Leo are on their quest. 
The book starts out in Percy's point of view when he arrives at Camp Jupiter, the Roman demigod camp that the Greek demigods did not know existed. Percy proves his membership to the camp, and is chosen to go on a quest to free Thanatos with Hazel and Frank.
This book is exciting, and it happens in modern day so a lot of things are relatable and make sense. This book is amazing, and I recommend reading this series to anyone! 
Rating: 7/10

The Mark of Athena:
The Mark of Athena is the third installment in The Heroes of Olympus series. 
In this book, Piper, Jason, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, Hazel, and Frank are all united to fulfill the prophecy of the seven aboard the Argo Two. During the book there are plenty of battles, laughs, traveling, romance,  and questions of leadership. The book alternates point of view between each of the demigods. The book has plenty of little surprises, but the one at the end is crazy! 
Rating: 8/10

The House of Hades:
Like the three books before it the book is split between each of the seven demigods points of view. 
At the very end of the last book, Annabeth and Percy fall into Tartarus, and Nico promises to meet them at the other side of the doors of death. The plot of this book, is them trying to close the doors of death so that the monsters they are trying to kill, stay dead for a normal amount of times. We get a look in Annabeth and Percy's situation and into the other five point of view as well. This book is very exciting, and keeps you on your toes!
Rating: 7/10

The Blood of Olympus:
The Blood of Olympus is the last book in The Heroes of Olympus series. 
I LOVE this book! It is probably the best in the series, and out of the countless times I have read it, it never has gotten old! It is so well written, and all of the moments feel so real when you are reading them! This book made me cry, laugh, and beg for more! It is amazing, and even of you are a person who does not like reading series of books this one is so well worth it!
The book starts when all of the demigods are reunited and are trying to stop Gaea from waking and destroying human life as we know it. The book is told through the original seven demigods point of view as well as from Nico and Reyna's point of view. The book has a lot of epic fighting moments, and some quiet sweet moments. The ending is the thing that gets me every single time! It is so sweet, and I can't not cry reading it!!!! SO GOOD!
Rating: 9/10

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow:
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is a stand alone book by Jessica Day George! I first got this book for Christmas two years ago! I have read it countless times and LOVED it!!! 
The book is about a girl whose mother did not name her, so she is called Pika which means girl in her town. She lives in a poor family with lots of other brothers and sisters, her favorite brother is Hans Peter who went away to be a sailor and came back never the same. One day Pika helps free the White Stag from some bushes it is caught in, he grants her one wish, a name. Pika discovers she now has the abilities to talk to animals. One day in winter a huge white bear comes to her cottage asking her to come with him for one year. She has to live in the palace of ice for a year. She spends most of her time with the bear, and she realizes she can read the carvings on the wall that are troll. Pika discovers she is trapped in an enchanted castle bewitched by the troll princess. She must saver her bear who she has grown to love, and to do that she must travel very far to get to the trolls castle. 
This book is exciting, and it never gets old! If you are looking for something light and happy to read I would advise this book!!
Rating: 9/10

Heist Society:
I LOVE this book!! It is so fun, it keeps you on the edge, and it is something light and happy! I actually got this book for Christmas of 2019, and I read it immediately and loved it! 
Tired of her lifelong involvement in her family's business of stealing, teenage thief Katarina Bishop enrolls herself in a prestigious boarding school. Then after a mere three months there, her friend, 16-year-old billionaire W.W Hale V, arranges for her expulsion. After escorting her home, he informs her that five paintings have been stolen from the menacing Arturo Taccone and that her father is the prime suspect. Determined to save him by locating the real thief and stealing the paintings back, Kat gathers a team of larcenous friends to pull off the heist before the two-week deadline, only to discover that the works were stolen by world-renowned Visily Romani, a thief famous for reclaiming Nazi-spoils. By planning the theft of the Henley, a museum in London, well known for its security, and by remaining one step ahead of Interpol and the mobster on her tail, Kat negotiates complicated relationships in this action-packed heist story.
This book is amazing, and it is so worth reading!!!!
Rating: 9/10

The Selection:
I finished this book in one sitting, I got it around 4:30 PM and finished it around 9:45 that night! So so so good!!!! It is a very exciting YA romance novel, that is full of some serious jaw dropping moments!! I was so happy that this book is a part of a series because I wanted more when I was done!!
The book starts out with sixteen (I think) America Singer who is a five (they have castes from 1-8, 1 being the royals, and 8 being extremely poor with no money that live on the streets), her mother is pressuring her into signing up for The Selection. The Selection in a once in a life time opportunity to marry the new Prince who has just of age. The Prince of Illea is Prince Maxon. Thirty five girls from the country will be chosen to live in the castle and compete for the hand of Maxon. But America does not want to compete because she is already deeply in love with Aspen, the boy she has secretly been dating for two years. 
This book is SOOOO good!!! I was on my toes the whole entire time I was reading!!
Rating: 9/10

The Elite:
The Elite is the second book in The Selection series!! Normally the sequels cannot top the first book, but I think this one did!! I started this book at 8 PM, went to bed and finished it that morning at around 8 AM. It was so good, if not better than the first!!
The book resumes where the first one ended. Only six girls remain in the castle, these girls are called The Elite. America can't decide if she loves Maxon, or Aspen who is now working as a guard at the castle. Things were already pretty tense, I mean it is six girls who are "in love" with Maxon and want that crown, but then the Halloween party happened. I was already pretty sure Maxon was going to choose America just because they were PERFECT for each other!! Then Maxon and America dance, and I was sold. I thought the selection was going to end right there. Spoiler Alert: It didn't!! This book probably has more surprises than the first! It is so good, and if you read the series you HAVE to finish it!
Rating: 9/10

The One:
WOW. Did that really actually just happen? 
Those were the thoughts running through my mind when I was reading. Trust me, they were positive thoughts, but they were still there. This book is like a roller coaster that keeps having HUGE drops!! I mean, I was crying, laughing, sobbing, and my heart was exploding because this book was so sweet!!!
The book is very tense, but it is so good! America STILL cannot decide who she loves!! I mean come on girl!! Make up your mind, everyone would want to marry the prince right!? Anyways, America finally decides she loves Maxon but she doesn't think he likes her as much as she likes him. Things are pretty crazy (STILL), when America receives a letter from her family. Spoiler Alert: It is NOT good news. She goes home for a couple of days to work it out, and when she comes back all of the girls who competed in the selection are there and Maxon is choosing either Kriss or America to be his queen. I was so convinced it was America! I was really confused as to why there were so many pages left in the book. Then the big day came, everything was looking good until it wasn't. I am not going to be putting huge spoilers in here but if you have read it you know what I am talking about! This part made me cry so so hard!!!! It was insane!! Then everything was smoothed out and the book ended. 
This was by far the best book in the series! It was amazing!!!
Rating: 10/10

The Help:
This book feels a little out of place in all of these YA romance books, but this book was a good snap back into reality. This book was so real, so honest, and it showed the bitter truth. 
The Help is about a couple of  black maids that clean white peoples homes. Skeeter a young white woman just returns to her home in Jackson, Mississippi after going to college at Ole Miss. Skeeter really wants to become a writer, but in by following her dreams she turns her town upside down. Skeeter interviews the black maids to expose the mistreatment of blacks in her city. At first the only maid that will be interviewed for the book Skeeter is writing is Aibileen, the help working for Skeeter's friend Elizabeth Leefolt. But it turns out a lot of maids have things to say. 
This book is timeless, and I LOVE it!!!
Rating: 10/10

Eragon is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle series. I have read this series a couple of times, and I really really like it!! The books are really long so it will keep you busy for a while! 
Eragon is about a boy named Eragon comes across a blue stone while he is out hunting, one night it hatches into a baby dragon. Once the dragon grows he goes on a huge adventure all around his country.
Rating: 8/10

Well, that is all I have for you today!! I am so sorry I did not post earlier!! Have a great day!!

Love Abby!!


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