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What's Up Wednesday - 7.29.20

Hey there!! It is already the last Wednesday of the month, and it is time for this month's edition of What's Up Wednesday hosted by Sheaffer and Shay ! Before we dive in, I wanted to give you a volleyball update! I made the middle school volleyball team!! I also just wanted to let y’all know that fellow blogger and best friend  Kate has changed her blog name to !! Please check out her blog, she is at the beach now but she will be back to blogging next Wednesday!!! Okay, with out further ado here is my What’s Up Wednesday!! 1. What We're Eating This Week: This week we are maker lighter things, and we are going to have to make it earlier in the after noon because I am having to leave for band at three thirty, and I don't come back until seven thirty.  Monday we are making Mushu's Moo Shu, it is a recipe from The Disney Princess Cookbook that Clara (my little sister) got for her birthday one year! This little cook book has some really great

Hello Monday: My Volleyball and Band Story!!

Hey hey! Happy Monday!! For any of you who missed my post on Friday you can see it HERE ! As you all know, I play volleyball and I am in the marching band, so today I am linking up with  Heather and Lindsay to bring you Hello Monday where I will be sharing my volleyball and band story! V O L L E Y B A L L :  I first started volleyball in the fall of fourth grade (2016), so about four years ago!! I played so many seasons at our YMCA up until 2019. In 2019 I tried out for our middle school volleyball team, and made it!! I had so much fun playing on our school team! We trained all summer long, and then we had games from August to October! We did all right considering we had a staff change in the middle of the season!  In November I tried out for Capitol City Juniors club volleyball, and I made it on the 13-2 team! We started training December 2, 2019, we practiced three times a week and each practice was two hours. From December all of the way until the beginning of March we trained thr

Friday Favorites: I'm Back!!!!!

Hello, and Happy Friday!!! Welcome back to That's life For Ya Blog!! I am officially back *cue the music*!!! I have been loving this summer and not wanting it to stop, and I just kind of stopped blogging!! Anyways, I have so much to share, and I promise I won't leave with out notice again! But for now, I am back for good!! Anyways, I was planning on having my first blog post back on Monday the 27th, but as I was working on the post for Monday I realized I might have enough time to write one for today! What better way to come back than linking up with two of my all time favorite bloggers, Erika and Andrea !! Anyways, here are my favorites from basically, the past month or so!! Beach Trip! You may not have known this, but I actually was able to go to the beach at the very end of June!! I had so so much fun, and it was such a great way to get out of the house! We left the house Sunday ad stayed at our condo until Thursday! During our stay, we mostly stayed out on the beach with o