Meet Pip!!

Hey guys!! It is Wednesday, the third of June! It feels like May just flew by!! So, I had mentioned on Friday and Monday about a little surprise that I had for y'all, and yes...we got a kitten!! 
Before I overwhelm you in a ton of pictures, here is a little bit about him!!
His name is Pip, after Pip from the book Great Expectations that Charles Dickens wrote (our other kitty is named Charles Dickens). He was born on March 31, and is now about eight weeks old!! He is super sweet, and very playful! He is so adventurous, when we brought him home he immediately started running around and exploring!! Whenever he sleeps, he has to be cuddled in some one's arms!! It is the cutest thing!! He cuddles up so close!! Okay, here are some pictures of our Pip!!
Again, isn't he the cutest? He is so sweet and cuddly and we couldn't be any more happy to have him in our family!! In a week or so, I am going to be posting a Pip Update, where I am going to share lots of pictures, his schedule, and all of his habits!!
 I hope y'all enjoyed meeting Pip!! Have a great day, and I will see you back here on Friday for some Friday Favorites!!

Love Abby!!