How To: Be Productive During The Summer!!

Hey guys!! Happy Wednesday!! I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while, but I am back for good! I am so excited because today is a How To day!! I completely forgot to give y'all a heads up that today would be one in case you wanted to link up, but I will have a link part ready if any of y'all do decide to link up later this week!! If you do want to link up later this week, than all you have to do is post a blog post about How To do something with the photo below in your post. You can add your link to the link party! HERE is the link!
Moving on, in summer do y'all just have that constant urge to just sit around the pool all day long? Because if so, I DO TOO! During this summer, I want to be super organized and get myself ready for all that is to come! So today I am sharing ways that I stay productive during the summer!!

1: Make A Checklist For Each Day
Guys, this is the main thing that holds me together!! I mean, I cannot finish all of the things I need to do without writing it down in a checklist! It makes things SOOOO much easier for me! I out everything on there, from the small things to the big things that I need to accomplish. I also write it down kind of in the order I want it done, so my devotion is the first thing I do and then making my bed etc. Every one of my lists, is written down by hand. I love to write things down and actually check them off on paper. I am not really sure why, but it makes things easier and it helps me remember what needs to be done. I make these lists the day before that day. 

2: Making Your Bed
Is it just me, or does your room look one hundred times cleaner when you bed is made?! Because mine looks so much cleaner and open when my bed is made!! This is an essential step for me to take every day! Once I have made my bed, it opens up other things for me to clean!

3: Deep Clean One Thing Each Day
I don't like to have my room be a complete mess all at once, and then have to completely clean my room all at once. I like to go through and deep clean one part of my room each day or every other day. If I clean one thing every day, then my whole room will be completely organized in a couple days!

4: Get Dressed
I am not one of those people who can conquer the world in pajamas. If I stay in my jams, than I will do nothing at all all day! When I get up, and get dressed I feel so much better! Just getting all ready for the day helps me get going on other things that need to be done! 

5: Wake Up To An Alarm
When I sleep in, I tend to not want to do anything all day! Whenever I wake up to an alarm, I might feel a little tired but I am up and ready to start my day! It's so much easier for me not to be lazy when I wake up a little earlier than I normally would to an alarm!

Those are the ways that I stay productive in the summer!! Again, I am so sorry for not posting in a couple days, but I am so excited to come back with a How To!! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you can do your own How To as well!! Have a great rest of your day, and I will see you back here on Friday with some weekly Friday Favorites!! 

Love Abby!!

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