May 2020 Book Review

Hey hey!! It is the end of the month, so that means it is time for my book review!! This month I read a lot of exciting books, and I can't wait to share with you!! Here we go!

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes:
I first read The Hunger Games towards the beginning of the year! It was so awesome and I LOVED it! I was so sad when I finished it, but then I found out another one was coming out! I pre-ordered it a couple days before it came out, and then I started reading it!! It is so amazing!! I recommend it!!
It is about this guy named Coriolanus Snow, and he lives in the capitol of Panem. It is about ten years after the war. For his school assignment he is mentoring one of the tributes for the 10th Hunger Games. He is assigned the girl from district twelve named Lucy Gray. Throughout the first part of the book, he is watching the games and trying to make sure that Lucy wins. Then there is a huge twist and his life changes completely,  
but he makes the best of it and everything seems fine. Towards the end, he starts to show his true colors, which if you have read the Hunger Games, are not pretty! Then some pretty big plot twists happen!! 
Overall, it was a really great book! It was very well written, and it was a good mix of a lot of genres!! I was so happy that I got to read it!! I was honestly shocked by the ending! 

Red Queen:
This book was A-MAZ-ING!! I mean I read it in one day! I could not put it down! This was so good, and so many things happened and my mind was literally blown!!
The book is placed in a world where there are people with silver blood (who have special abilities), and people with red blood who are normal. In that kingdom, the silver blooded people are very rich and hold a lot more authority over the red blooded people. The main character Mare has three brothers in the war, and soon she will have to join it as well. She tries to smuggle her and her best friend away from the kingdom, but she realizes it is way too much money. One day she was in the market with her younger sister and there was a broadcast ed attack on one of the silver's court houses. The attack was started by reds who were angry with the way things were run. Mare and her sister have to leave the market before any damage is done to them. That night she was pick pocketing some people in the streets, and she was caught by one of them. He gave her the money, knowing she needed it more than he did. The next day she received a summon from the palace for her to work there. She took it, and while at the palace she discovers she is red blooded, but she has powers! Then the king and queen give her a new identity and she must play the part or else she would have to die. For the remainder of the book, Mare has to act like someone else and that she is a silver. She has to live in the palace and marry the youngest son. Then, she joins a group of red blooded people who are rebelling against the king and queen. Throughout the book, she must juggle pretending to be a lady while plotting to get rid of the silvers. The end was absolutely crazy! The motto of the book was "Anyone can betray anyone", and that sure happened in the book!!
Overall, it was just so interesting to read! I could not stop reading!! It might be my new favorite book series, and probably was my favorite read this month!!

Anne of Green Gables:
Image result for anne of green gables puffin classics cover
Anne of Green Gables is a classic! It is such a great and timeless story!! 
It is about a brother and sister who live together at Green Gables. They sent one of their neighbors to get them an orphan boy to help Mathew with the farm work, but they end up getting a girl. After having her for one night, they decide to keep her. The book takes course over a couple of years of her growing up. It is such a sweet book that has so many good life lessons! I LOVE this book and I am so glad I pulled it out to read again!!

Percy Jackson:
Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Anaheim, CA - Official Website
Even though I have read this series for what feels like one hundred times, it is such a great series!! I have read it so many times that I know the whole entire story line, it is still so great!! I love to re-read book series and this is one of my favorite ones to do so!!

All right! That is a wrap!! Those were all of the books that I read in May!! I am super excited for June because I am finishing up the Red Queen series and I am moving on to The Selection series!! If you missed my Friday Favorites - Everything Summer, you can check it out HERE! I hope y'all have a great day and I will see you here on Monday!! Also, next week I have a little surprise!!!

 Love Abby!!