Hello Monday...My School Year!!

Hey there! Happy Monday!! Again, I apologize for not posting on Friday, but I am happy to say that I did really good on my auditions!! Today I am going over all of my favorite school memories!! I am linking up with Heather and Lindsay to bring you this Hello Monday! Here we go!

1. First Day of School!!
Ah! The first day of school! The most exciting day of the year (except for the last day)!! The first day of seventh grade was so fun, and I was so lucky to have gotten a home room with some friends!!

2. Band
Being in the marching band was such a blessing!! It started at band camp when I was just helping out, because I had one more year to be able to join. Then, I was offered to play cymbals, and I took it!! It was so fun!! After working SOOO hard, we were ready to perform at half-time! Being a part of the band was so fun, and it gave me a hand-full of new friends!!

3. Volleyball
My first year of school ball was so fun!! I had such a great team, and we did pretty well for starting later than the other schools! This volleyball team was so sweet, and it was so fun to be around them! I am so lucky to have made it on the team!!

4. Halloween!!
Halloween was so much fun!! Ella, Kate, and I dressed up in our super cute costumes and we walked around having the best time!! I got to ride the bus home with them, and I was super excited about this (fluffy)! Then we ate and got ready! Getting ready included taking lots of selfies, putting on a ton of make-up, and curling our hair!! It was so much fun, and worth every minute it took to get ready! I am so thankful for these girls who are my best friends!!

5. Starting My Blog!
I posted my first post on December 17, 2019!! It meant a lot to me that I had so many friends supporting my little space on the internet!! You can see my very first blog post HERE!!

6. Club Volleyball
I was so happy to play club volleyball for the first time for CCJ!! We had such a blast, and we did REALLY good!! I am so proud of our team, even though regionals and our last tournament were not able to happen! I miss these girls so so much!!

7. Girls Weightlifting!!
Girls weightlifting was such a fun PLT, and I am so glad it was my first choice!! Luckily, I was put in the same class as Kate!! We had the BEST time together! We had so many laughs, work-outs (obviously), and even some tears!! Kate, do you remember Valentine's Day, and when I randomly turned on Monster's Inc for us to watch!!??๐Ÿ˜‚ If it was raining and we couldn't work-out, Kate and I still had the best time (staring at the other side of the gym and talking about fluffy, apple, and cable)!! I miss these days, and I miss you Kate, but I can't wait for next year!! Here come a TON of pictures that pretty much sum up our rainy days in girls weightlifting!


Oh Valentine's Day!! Apple!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
As you can see, girl's weightlifting was one of my favorite classes!!

8. English and Mentoring!!
English is probably my best and favorite subject!! This year we had the best and nicest teacher!! Once Ella and I got to pick the seating arrangements, that class was so much fun!! We watched movies (we watched Hannah Montana The Movie multiple times! Travis Brody! ๐Ÿ˜‚), listened to LOTS of Taylor Swift #swiftie, read books that were not the assigned one, and had a TON of fun!! Don't get me wrong, we didn't not do our schoolwork, we just had done all of it earlier that day so we didn't have anything to do except watch movies! In mentoring we got to pick our seats, so Ella and I sat together and also had a blast!! Our whole table full with my friends listened to music, watched music videos (I bet they remember when I bawled over the song Homesick by Kane Brown), watched movies (remember when we watched Remember the Titans all the way through, and by the end we were all crying), and had so much fun!!

This is what we mean by jamming out!! 

9. Quarantine Life!!
Yes! I miss school sooooooo much, I have been enjoying my quarantine life as well!!

Okay, that is it!! Those were all of my favorite school memories! I hope you enjoyed!! Have a wonderful rest of your day!! 

Love Abby!!


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