Hello Monday...My Monthly Goals!

Happy Monday!! I know, it's Monday AGAIN! The weeks have flown by! I mean it was about two months ago I was arriving back from my Orlando Trip to find that we were going to have to stay home for a long time! Two Months! This quarantine has been a blessing for me, I have gotten to sit back and enjoy some peace at my home! These are the days that I will always cherish, and I am so grateful for them! I know this is kind of a week late, but I thought that it would be cool to post my monthly goals! I hope you enjoy!

1. Make a weekly checklist for each week
2. Make a checklist for each day
3. Help Meal-Plan (look through recipe box for something fun)
4. Stick to the checklist
5. Finish the workout schedule each week
6. Water Plants everyday (document the tomatoes and peppers)
7. Do your devotion every day
8. Read through the bible every day
9. Continue getting up early on school days (go to bed early on school nights too)
10. Clean room every Saturday (vacuum, organize, clean off desk)
11. Watch the church service every Sunday morning
12. Sit back and watch the birds
13. Give yourself a manicure (at least once)
14. Drink 40 0z. of water each day (finish your whole water bottle)
15. Brush and walk Maddie every day 
16. Brush Sam every day
17. Wash both dogs every other week (our dogs LOVE the attention)
18. Light a candle once a week (I love lighting candles and it helps me relax)
19. Have a "spa" day with Clara

1. Try to post three times a week (M, W, F)
2. Make a blog calendar
3. Keep setting blog reminders
4. Stay organized

1. Stay on top of ALL work
2. Stick to school work schedule
3. Read with Clara everyday
4. Practice Band everyday (30 min.)
5. Practice volleyball everyday (1 hour)

1. Have "fancy" breakfast (cinnamon rolls, pancakes, biscuits, bacon, muffins, french toast, anything that we don't normally have everyday
2. Eat lunch together outside at least three times a week
3. Start making dinner at 5 PM
4. Sit down dinner together (no later than 7 PM)
5. Cuddle with Charles (the cat)
6. Have a family game night on Saturday nights
7. Face Time friends at least once a week
8. Keep in touch with everybody
9. Swim in the pool (at least once)

Those are my monthly goals! As you can see, I have been trying to stay as organized as possible! My checklists are amazing, and having one makes me stay on track the whole day! I also have been writing things down in my planner like crazy!! I will have to show y'all a picture of it! It is so full, which is kind of weird since I don't go anywhere, I just like to keep myself busy! I also have been working out a lot, and it makes me feel SOOO much better! I feel so awake and active! I hope you liked reading my monthly goals, it seemed like a lot when I typed it up, so hopefully I can manage to check off all 37 goals! On the first Monday of June, I will share my goals for that much and show y'all how I did! Have a wonderful Monday, and I hope that you have a fun filled week! Today I am linking up with Heather and Lindsay to bring you this post! That's all!!
Love Abby!!

PS: I am starting a new series called "How To", and I am posting it on Wednesday! You can just read it, or you can post your own "How To" with the graphic below, and and comment the link to that post! I am excited read your "How To"!!


  1. I think goals and plas are particularly crucial during this season of sheltering at home. It's encouraging to check off all the accomplishments!

  2. I find a daily checklist helps keep me organized and on task. You have a great list of goals.


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