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Two In One: Hello Monday & Tuesday Talk...ABC's About Me!!

Hey there!! Happy Monday! Today I am sharing ABC's About Me! I saw a post like this on  The Bolin Bunch, so this is where the idea for this post came from! I am super excited for this, so let's begin! Side Note: I have been totally in love with making graphics, so if you see a new graphic for every new post, don't be surprised!

A- Age: 12!! My birthday is August 7, 2007! What's funny, is that I know three other people with the same birthday as me! 

B- Best Friends: I am have a lot of super close friends! Most of them go to my school, and a lot of them are on my team! Kate and Ella are some of my besties, and they both have wonderful blogs! Go check their blogs out!

C- Cat's Name: Our cats name is Charles Dickens! I named him when I was in first grade!

D- Dogs' Names: We have two sweet puppies! Maddie and Sam!!

E- Essential Item of The Day: I ALWAYS need a hairbrush! Where ever I go, I bring a hairbrush! I have three hairbrushes that I use! The first is my Wet Brush (mine is a lighter purple than the one online), another is my Shine Enhancer Wet Brush (mine is a super cute pattern), and my last one is just a Conair Hairbrush!

F- Favorite College: This one is pretty obvious, but I am huge Auburn fan! War Eagle FOREVER!!

G- Goldfish OR Ritz: I know this is kind of a weird one, but these are my favorite snacks EVER! Our house always has both of these things in the kitchen! I LOVE Ritz crackers with melted cheese on top, and I LOVE goldfish with a passion. I would have to say that I like goldfish a tiny tiny bit more!

H- Height: I am 4'11''! I am very short, and I have still not gotten over it! Luckily, I will grow (I hope)!

I- Instruments I Play: I can play bass drum, snare drum, and any mallet percussion instrument!

J- Job I Want: My dream job is to be a veterinarian! I want to go to college at Auburn University! It takes eight years in total of college, and I am thinking about possibly getting a bachelors degree in business in case I wanted to start my own veterinary practice! You can probably tell that I am very ambitious, and I have part of my life planned out (I even know who I am going to marry)! Just kidding about that last one, but Kate and Ella probably have an idea of who it is! :)

K- Kangaroos OR Koalas: I LOVE both of these adorable animals! Both of them are super cute! I think I would have to go with koalas, just because they are smaller and a little more cuddlier! Also, a baby koala is the size of a kidney bean when it is born!! So tiny and perfect and cute!!

L- Life Accomplishments: I am only twelve, so I haven't done a ton yet! I was on my middle school volleyball team, and I started in our first game! I was also the youngest member of the Pike Road Patriot Marching Band this year (I was in 7th grade)! One more (which I don't think counts), is making two campaigns. Both were for school projects! At least I can say that I enjoyed doing it, and that I got carried away and made websites for it! 

M- Mom's Name: My mom's name is Erin!! Love you Mom!! 
Love you too Dad!!

N- Nicknames: Ab-train, Abbe Busani (I have actually read The Count of Monte Cristo, and it is so good)! I am sure there are a lot more, but I honestly can't remember! Oh! I just remembered one! This one is for you Kate! Mustard was also one of my nicknames! In third grade, Whitney, Kate, Mary Hayden, and I formed a stage group called MMPK and Co! We actually built a stage, and the Elementary School still has it (I think and hope)!! I was Mustard, Mary Hayden was Mayo, Whitney was Pickles, and Kate was Ketchup! Haha, I can't believe I forgot about that!

O- Ocean I Go To: Since I live in Alabama, I go to Orange Beach! We have a condo there, and I love it! Technically speaking, it is the Gulf of Mexico! 

P- Pet's I Have Had: When I was born, we had Sam the pug (who is still super healthy at age 15), Jake (the super sweet black lab), and Snoop the cat! Both Jake and Snoop have passed, and we miss them all the time, but they lived long fun lives! Now, we currently have Sam, Maddie, and Charles! I used to have a hamster named Henry, but he passed after two years with us! Two years is also the longest hamsters normally live to, but it felt like it flew by!

Q- Quote From A Book That I Love: My all time favorite quote from a book, would have to be "It is our choices ... that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities." This was said by Dumbledore in Chamber of Secrets! Such an great book!

R- Restaurants That I Love: I LOVE Chick-Fi-La! It is one of my top take-out choices! Butcher Paper in Auburn, is also one of the best! At the beach, there is a little coffee-shop that we go to called The Southern Grind! It is so good, and I get the same thing every time!

S- Siblings I Have: I only have one sibling! One little sister named Clara!

T- Tea Flavor: I LOVE to drink English Breakfast Tea with my breakfast! If not that, I will drink Green Tea!

U- Umbrella Color: We don't usually use an umbrella, but the main one we do use is black and white! I know, it's not very interesting!

V- Vegetables I LOVE To Eat: I LOVE a lot of veggies! I love to eat celery, asparagus, carrots, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes (I know it's not considered a vegetable), brussel sprouts ( I LOVE them sauteed in a pan with soy sauce), okra (fried okra is the best), potatoes, avocados, zucchini, bell pepper, peas, sweet potatoes, and corn! 

W- Ways I Have Fun: I can pretty much have fun every where! I have LOTS of fun at school with my friends! I have lots of fun playing volleyball with my team! I have lots of fun in the marching band! I have lots of fun at home with the family!
I also have a LOT of fun at Universal Studios!

X- X-Rays You've Had: I haven't had any major x-rays! I have never broken my bone (which I am very grateful for). The only thing I can think of, was when I had to get my finger x-rayed because my family thought it was broken! It was also right before a volleyball tournament, and my parents wanted the doctor to look at it! It turned out to be fine! It was just swollen purple for about a week!
We also did VERY well that tournament!

Y- Yogurt Flavors I Like: This is also SUPER random, but my favorite flavor yogurt is peach! I LOVE yogurts with fresh peach in it! My favorite brand of yogurt is either Chobani OR Oui! 

Z- Zoo Animal I Like The Best: My favorite animal at the zoo are the tigers!! Tigers have also been my favorite animal for forever! Also, Aubie The Tiger anyone? Aubie is the BEST mascot in the world! 

Those were ABC's About Me!! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you learned a little bit about me! I really enjoyed doing this, so I promise I will do one next year! As always, have a great day! I will see you on Wednesday!! Also, I am linking up with Lindsay and Heather to bring you Hello Monday!!

Tomorrow, I am linking up with Erika and Ashley to bring you this month's edition of Tuesday Talk!

Love Abby!!


  1. We had the best time at Universal Studios.. in fact we were supposed to go back there this past week. I have never eaten a Chick fi la but I hear so much about it that I am dying to try it.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I hope you can reschedule your trip some time! I promise if you get Chick Fi La, it will make your day better! :)

  2. Love this! I just told my 11 yr old daughter she should start a blog too. :) I think that's great that you love veggies!

  3. We're going to Orange Beach this July and I'm super excited!!


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