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April 2020 Book Review

Hey hey! Today I am going to be telling you about the books I read this month! I had a complete post all ready to post on Monday, but I accidentally deleted the whole thing so that is why I am posting it today! Okay, well I hope you enjoy!

1: Twilight Book 1
As you could probably tell from the graphic, I read the Twilight series for the first time in April! It was absolutely amazing, and I did not want it to end!
The story is about a girl who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her Dad. She goes to school, and she sees these very weird group of kids who all have the same beautiful look to them. She investigates, and ends up falling in love with one of them, and she figures out what they are. They are a group of vampires. After meeting Edward's whole family and getting very close with all of them she comes grave danger. A vampire catches onto Bella's scent and tracks her all around the country so that he can kill her. I know, I know it sounds a little gruesome but it is not bad! After finally giving in, Bella goes to him and gives up, but in no time the entire Cullen family comes to her rescue. Bella is saved by Edward, and at the end every one is happy!
Let me just say, I LOVED this book! I was obsessed! My eyes were glued to the pages! I finished the first book in about a day! It was awesome, and if you are like me, the quarantine is the perfect time to start a new series!
This was me when I got the book, I was SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!

2: New Moon (book 2)
Have you ever thought that the second book could never be better than the first one? Well, this book proved me wrong! It was absolutely awesome! I was in love with this book, and it might be one of my favorites in the series (I am not really sure why it is my favorite book)! 
The book is the sequel to Twilight and it takes place a couple months (I think) after the first one ended. It starts in Bella's dream about her being way older than Edward (who stays young forever) on her eighteenth birthday. The whole day she is upset because she is going to be permanently older than Edward who is stuck at seventeen. The night of her birthday, she goes over to the Cullen's house and she almost gets attacked by Jasper. Not the best way to spend your birthday. That was the moment that everyone realized how dangerous this would be for Bella to see them anymore. One day Bella and Edward are walking and he tells her that he and his family are leaving and she can't come with them. Bella is heartbroken. For a couple of months (in the book) she just mopes around because she is upset. Then she meets Jacob! She finally is happy and is having a wonderful time with him! Bella becomes kind of reckless, because when she does dangerous things she hears Edward's voice. One day she is cliff diving and she almost drowns, but she is saved by Jacob (who ends up being my favorite character). Alice saw a vision of Bella jumping, and Edward found out. He went all the way to Italy to the Vulturi (basically the police of vampires). He goes to pick a fight he knows he will lose because he feels so bad about Bella (he thinks she is dead). Bella chases him all of the way there so that she can tell him she is alive. After that, they all get out safely and they return home with a very angry Charlie (Bella's dad). 

3: Eclipse (book 3)
I went way out of my comfort zone for this book, I completely read it online! I was a little sad that I didn't have that book so I took it upon myself to read it online! I was so very excited about this book, and it did not waiver the whole entire time! 
The book begins when Bella is reading a letter from Jacob Black (who is a werewolf). It says that they can't be friends is she is going to be in love with his enemy, Edward and the Cullens. She misses him a lot! Throughout the book, Bella is back and forth with Jacob. She tries to see him, but Edward thinks she could be in danger over in La Push. One day, Bella realizes some of her clothes are missing, and both Edward and Jacob work together to try and protect her from an unknown vampire that is trying to track her down. During one of her stays in La Push, Jacob declares that he is in love with Bella. She was not very happy about this and stopped coming to see him. Edward (as her boyfriend), was not very happy this either. After her graduation party, Bella forgives Jacob, and both the Cullens and the werewolf pack work together to protect Bella from Victoria. The night before the big battle, Edward and Jacob have a very deep conversation about Bella. Then, Bella realizes that she is also in love with Jacob, but it would never be enough compared to how much she loves Edward. I was SOOOOO mad! I mean, she is getting his hopes up, but then she is letting him down by letting him know that she is going to marry Edward. At the very end of the book, Jacob receives a wedding invitation from Edward and he is devastated. He runs away, and doesn't plan to ever come back. 

4: Breaking Dawn (book 4)
This last book was SOOOOOO amazing! I was so sad it was over! I loved it so much! Here is a quick briefing of how it went: It starts out at Bella's wedding, and she is marrying Edward! Jacob shows up and him and Edward almost have a fight. Then, Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon to Esme Island! It was super sweet! Next, we realize Bella is very "sick" with a monster baby that is part human part vampire. Everyone is terrified including Edward who is very upset about the pain it is causing Bella. Jacob finds out too, and he breaks out of his pack to form a new one with Seth and Leah. They protect the Cullens from their former pack, who was going to attack the Cullens. Finally, after a LOT of pain and suffering the baby was born! Sweet baby Renesmee was born and was completely all right, but Bella had to be turned into a vampire. After learning to be a vampire, Bella finds out that she is already well in control of herself. Then the biggest surprise happened, Jacob had imprinted on Bella's baby girl! A little while later, when everyone has settled down and is happy, the Volturi come along to try and take Renesmee thinking she is an immortal child. Everything ends up fine, and it was amazing! I was very upset that I finished this series, but I am so grateful for getting to read it!

Okay, well that was pretty much the books I read for this month!! Have a wonderful day!
One more thing! Yesterday was my kitty cat, Charles Dickens birthday! 
Another birthday, is one of my best friends, Ella's birthday!! Ella, I am so lucky to be your friend and I hope you have a great thirteenth birthday!!

I hope all of you enjoyed my post, I had so much more for it up until I deleted it, but I am still glad I got to post it! Have great day!!

Love Abby!!


  1. I would have never dreamed I would like the Twilight Saga so much. But I did. I loved them. Couldn’t put them down. Was super glad I discovered them after they were all out so I didn’t have to wait on the next one. The movies are good too!!


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