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What's Up Wednesday - 4.29.20

Happy Wednesday!!! Wow, does anybody feel like the week has just flown by? I mean everything has been going by super fast!! Today I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay to bring you this month's What's up Wednesday!! Here we go!!

1: What We're Eating This Week:
On Sunday I normally get to pick out some of my favorite recipes for us to make and we get the groceries delivered to the house. This week some of the things I chose were: the Southern Living BLT the most amazing  stuffed shells, homemade pizza, and possibly some baked potatoes! I LOVE all of these recipes, and they are so easy to make!! Also, does anyone else re-read all of the old Southern Living magazines just to look at the beautiful cakes and deserts? Those are some of my favorite things to do!

2: What I'm Reminiscing About:
Over the winter and spring, I was on a great travel volleyball team!! It was the BEST, and we all had so much fun together! With two tournaments, and regionals ahead of us our season was stopped. I miss the girls so much, but I am so grateful for our amazing time we had! Luckily, we have been having lots of team zooms!

3: What I'm Loving:
Here is Maddie's picture
And here is Sam's picture!
Then we somehow got a picture of Maddie with her tongue out! I also put my sun glasses on her because she was squinting, and she actually kept them on!
Over our quarantine our pets have been LOVING all of the attention! We go out into the yard and brush them about once a week, and we took some of the most precious pictures! Charles our cat stays inside all day, but he likes to stand on the window sill looking into the backyard at all of us! He also loves watching all of the hummingbirds come to our feeder! Sometimes we will catch a lizard and put it onto the outside window for our cat to stare and "play" with. He is such a scaredy cat, and is probably more scared of the lizard than the lizard is of him!! 😂
We call it "animal encounters" when we catch a lizard and show it to Charles! He loves it so much, and he will sit on the window sill for hours to watch the hummingbirds and lizards!!

4: What We've Been Up To:
That is us playing golf in our backyard!
We have been spending most of the weekend outside, and we are outside as much as we can be during the week! We have been doing LOTS of yard work, swimming, reading, sitting by the pool, and bird watching! I absolutely LOVE sitting by the pool and reading a book! It is probably one of my favorite places to read a book! We also have had a ton of hummingbirds come to the feeder all day long! One even came up to the window to have a peek at us! We will all be eating lunch and see about five come! We also found a cardinal nest in one of our cypress trees! Inside was a female cardinal who has babies that are super cute!! Sometimes we are lucky enough to get to see her and the male feeding the babies! So adorable! Our bird bath out front is always super busy with so many birds! Another thing that  we always seem to be doing is...washing dishes! We tend to fill up the dishwasher twice a day, and it is time consuming, but it could be much worse!

5: What I'm Dreading:
Honestly, I am not dreading anything at the moment. The only thing I could think of would be finishing school online, but that is it.

6: What I'm Working On:
I have been working on my schoolwork, but I also have been working on trying to clean up and organize my room! I recently organized my closet, and it will be posted tomorrow! It felt nice to have at least one thing all nice and clean! I don't think this counts, but I have been making my bed every single day, and it makes my room seem 100 times cleaner!!

7: What I'm Excited About:
I am excited for Monday nights!! Monday nights in our house means The Voice and for me Songland afterwards!! We LOVE The Voice, and we always are super excited for it!! Songland comes on right after it, and it is a show where normal people write songs for a famous band! Lady Antebellum has been my favorite guest band so far!

8: What I'm Watching/Reading:
I am so happy to say...that I finished reading the Twilight series for the first time!! It was so good! Thank you so much Ella for telling me to read this book! Now that I have finished, I am finishing up Harry Potter for the ninth time! My April Book Review should be out soon! Wow. Am I the only one who likes to test their knowledge on books they read, because I do it ALL the time!! I have been super grateful for Disney+, who has in a sense made things ten thousand times more fun on a rainy day! I have started watching the show called Wild Russia, and it is a nature show about wild Russia! It is super good, and I recommend it to anybody who likes watching nature shows like I do!! I also finished watching the Hunger Games series! I finished it maybe a month ago but I never got around to watching all of the movies. Mockingjay Part 2 was tough to watch!! It was so sad, and I cried the whole time!! The ending wasn't as powerful to me as it was in the book, but I tend to like the books better than the movie anyways. My all time favorite character is probably Gale or Finnick, but lets just say both of them get pretty terrible endings in the book. I also have been re-watching ALL of the Flash episodes because I accidentally deleted all of the new episodes, so we have to wait for it to come on Netflix to watch it. #struggles

9: What I'm Listening To:
I have been listening to LOTS of country, and LOTS of Taylor Swift! While I may look like I am doing my school work, I am also having a small jam session to all my favorite tunes! I listen on iheart radio to Blake Shelton, Kelsea Ballerini,  Lady Antebellum, Maddie + Tae, and Cassadee Pope! My all time favorite is probably Dibs by Kelsea Ballerini, or Proved You Wrong by Cassadee Pope!

10: What I'm Wearing:
Does anyone else have around twenty pairs of Nike shorts that they live in during the summer? Well if you do, then will relate to me! 
I LOVE my Nike shorts!! Probably my favorite thing to wear with an athletic tank top or a cute tee! Since I haven't really been getting out of the house, I have been wearing Nike shorts on repeat!! I also LOVE my jean skirt! I can match it with almost anything, and I can dress it up or dress it down! Once before a tournament our team went to dinner at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club, and I was so excited to wear it that I ended wearing something way too fancy for the occasion!  It was my jean skirt, a SUPER cute sweater, my tan heels, and some super cute earrings! 

11: What I'm Doing This Weekend:
The weekends are pretty much like my normal days, except I get to get up later, and I don't have any school work. We mostly play outside, garden, brush the dogs, and take selfies! Be on the look out for my Let's Look coming up soon about my weekend! Sundays, we watch our church service on TV and we plan for meals, get groceries delivered, and I blog and make my weekly schedule for the next day.

12: What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:
I am super excited for Let's Look May edition! That is going to be super fun! I might be starting a book called Red Queen soon, so I am excited about that!! All of our schoolwork is due May 29th, and I am pretty nervous about it! I don't know if I am looking forward to finishing, or if I am dreading it. I also have drum line auditions next month, and I am SUPER nervous! Wish me luck!

13: What Else Is New:
One thing I can think of that it new, is that we are finally in our little routine! Around a certain time I will do the dishes, and after lunch we start the dishwasher. We also have one day a week where we get take-out! Everything is kind of falling into place!

I hope everything is going smooth at your house! Thanks for reading!!

Love Abby!!


  1. fun post abby!! your dogs are adorable!!

    ella williams

  2. Good luck on your audition! We live right by a lake and I just love sitting out there reading my books... and it's just about the right weather for that. My boys and I are mid-way through the Harry Potter series right now. I honestly can't even remember how many times I've read through the whole series but it's my third time reading it to my youngest son so... a lot of times!

  3. Love to get a dog right now but my neighbour said it’s the worst time as they will get used to all the attention and have a hard time in life returns to normal. Those hummingbirds sounds so lovely :-)


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