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Universal Orlando Band Trip 2020 Part 1

Goodness!! This was literally the BEST trip ever!! So many memories were made, and they will forever be in my heart! I have so many funny stories that I am going to have to split this post into two or three parts!! Also, that trip was the last time I am going to be seeing some of our seniors for a long time!! :( Our seniors are the nicest and sweetest people ever, and everyone (me included) is going to miss them!! I am a super emotional person, and at our last football game of the season, I was bawling my eyes out and sobbing into one of our seniors. Yeah, that was not my finest moment. Moving on, that trip A-MAZ-ING!! Here is how it went!!

Wednesday 3/11/20
Since we were going to Universal, we rode on charter buses overnight. We left Wednesday night around 9:00!! It was SUCH a fun ride there, and to be honest I don't think anyone slept for more than four hours (I slept for three and a half). For the first hour everyone was talking and hanging out, but after that everybody started winding down. I sat by Hannah, and we stayed up till around 11:00 watching a movie!! Then somehow, we fell asleep! We woke up around one to see a member of the band drinking his second Monster energy drink! Goodness gracious!! All of us were surprised the next day when he did not have a heart attack! Then we fell back asleep until we stopped at a gas station at three in the morning! After our stop, we kept on driving until morning!!

Thursday 3/12/20
Our stop for breakfast was the world's largest McDonald's, and may I say that they were a little overwhelmed to have a group of over eighty band kids come it at once!! We ate breakfast there, and then we had to get ready in the bathrooms at McDonald's, and the bathrooms were NOT bad!! After getting ready, we got into our groups and called roll!
World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's opens in Orlando

This is the McDonald's!!

This was my group!! From left to right: Olivia, Hannah, Sariya, Brie, Hailey, and me!!

Side note: As I was inserting this picture in, I accidentally deleted the whole post! I almost starting crying when I pressed something and it all came back!! #momentofrelief

After we were all back on the bus, we drove to Orlando! We got off of the bus, got our passes and headed straight for Adventure Island!! Let me tell you, walking into it was so amazing and everything was extremely intriguing to look at!! #bestpark The first ride we rode was the indoor Spider-Man one!! It was 3-D and really fun!! There was a part where you felt like you were falling, and I was screaming my head off!!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - Wikipedia
 After that we were right next to the Dr. Dooms Fear Fall, and only a couple of us rode it!! It was actually the scariest ride to me!! We were  the only people in line, and there was no wait!! We got straight on! It plays the scariest music and the anticipation is horrible!! It slowly starts going up, and then out of nowhere it shoots up and drops! It goes up and down a couple of times, and it was terrifying, but it ended up being super fun! We ended up riding it four times in a row!!
File:Marvel Super Hero Island 16.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
After that, we got on the ride that I was most excited about! The Incredible Hulk ride!! Surprisingly, the line was not long at all!! We got on, and it starts going up into a tunnel with these crazy lights, and the music is super loud, and then it shoots you out of the tunnel into loops and corkscrews and more drops!! It is so fun and I had my hands up the whole time!!
The Hulk Coaster | A Basic Picture, but I like it. Feel free… | Flickr

Then we rode it again!! After that, we went in a circle around the park. Next, we rode Jurassic Park ride!! It was super fun! You are in a little log kind of boat all strapped in, and you go around like you are touring the park. Then, you turn the wrong way into the raptor area and you start going up with dinosaurs popping out around you spraying you with water!! Then after venturing around up there, the t-rex appears above you and you go straight to him and then you go straight down a huge drop and get sprayed with a TON of water!! So fun!! We were all completely soaked afterward!!
 File:Jurassic park log flume ride.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
This was us on the ride!! I am front row (of course)! #bestseat #frontseatforlife
Then we were off to Harry Potter world!! We met up with another group, and rode the little kid hippogriff ride and we purposely screamed as loud as we could! It was so funny, and as we passed by all of the people around the ride were staring and laughing at us!! Then we ate lunch at the three broomsticks!! It was really good, and it  was just as I imagined it!! Then we went on the indoor Harry Potter ride!! So much fun, but scary because of the huge spider that pops up in your face!! I was screaming so loudly!! Then we looked through the other shops and we were off!!
File:Flight of the Hippogriff at Islands of Adventure.jpg ...
Hippogriff Ride!!

Next was Seuss land!! It was kind of a little kid area, but we had a ton of fun on the carousel, and the fish ride (Hannah and I  named our fish Suzanne)!!

After that we were worn out, but we had enough time to ride Hulk twice more, fear fall again, and Spider-man again!! After that, we all met up in the parking lot and we were off to dinner at Andretti's!! It is an indoor gaming place! It was super fun!! Then we got back to the hotel, and we were asleep immediately!! What is funny is that it was just Hannah and I in a room, and there were two queen-sized beds, a pullout couch, and a full kitchen just for the two of us!! 

That was my first day out Universal!! I hope you enjoyed, and I will be back soon with the rest of the recap!!

Love Abby!!


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