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Tuesday Talk - Confessions

Hey!! Happy Tuesday (even though all of the days seem the same to me)!!  Can I be honest with you, the only way I remember dates is by blogging! 😂 Okay, well today is going to be a couple of my confessions! Kate, this one is for you! I asked you to think of all the crazy that I do, and you delivered!!

For all of you who don't normally read my blog, and this is the first time reading it: the posts are not normally this crazy! I just thought it might be a  little funny for y'all to see a couple of my confessions! Hope you enjoy!

When I am going on a trip, I have this constant anxiety that I left something important at home!! The whole way to the place, I will be constantly wondering if I got everything! I have this packing checklist in my brain and I try to think about everything that I packed, but my mind just keeps thinking about what I might have left!! For example, on the way to my Muscle Shoals Tournament I was so worried that I left my jersey at home!! The first thing I did when I got to that hotel room, was check to see if I had my both my jerseys and my volleyball shoes! Luckily for me, I haven't ever really left anything that can't be replaced at home. All of this packing leads me to my next confession...

I ALWAYS over pack, and I leave packing to the last day!! Okay, I know this is bad but I always leave packing for the last day! For my Universal Band Trip, I left packing for the Wednesday afternoon about three hours before we were leaving! It's bad. The good thing is that I always have plenty of extra outfits if anything goes wrong! When I get home from a trip, I only unpack the stuff that is not clothes. I leave all the clothes and just pick out my clothes from my travel bag for about a week! 

I like to smell clean t-shirts when I am upset. Yep, I just said it. I smell clean t-shirts. The smell of clean clothes calms me down, and I have a HUGE drawer full of shirts! It also puts me to sleep! Haha, its weird I know, but it works!

I ALWAYS cry in movies, books, or just random videos! My friends from school have multiple stories of me crying over something in a video or something that's not real! Hear are a couple of examples. Once I was watching Up in math class (while I was doing my work), and I started crying in the middle of math over that movie. Everyone around me thought there was something wrong and people came over to hug me and ask what was wrong, and it was just a movie. Wow. I also have a story of when I fell asleep in math (I was really bored and half the class was sleeping too) and I apparently had snored which I never do! Wow. I also cry while reading sad books! I cried while reading Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and many other books! #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor Another thing about me is that I don't like finishing movies or book series! If I finish a really good movie for the first time, sometimes the credits make me cry! In Endgame I was sobbing through the whole thing, and when I was finally pulling myself together Captain America goes back in time and turns into an old man and gives up his shield. I immediately started crying and had mascara around my eyes! Another great story is when I was watching Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. It was the last Star Wars movie with all of those characters! My dad counted everytime I cried and it was a whopping eleven!! It was so sad! I had the hood on my sweatshirt on, and I was curled up in a ball watching the movie. At a silent part in the movie all you cold hear was my quiet sobs and sniffles. If there is anything you learn about me today, it would be that I am WAY too emotional! 

I laugh at the most random things! Watching a movie, I will laugh at random part where it is not even funny! I laugh when people fall down, I don't do it on purpose I just think that it is so funny! Also, I laugh when people get hit in the face with things! So funny!!  I have a slo-mo video of me throwing some kind of ball and hitting somebody in the face! I used to watch it every day! Also, when I was watching a movie with Ella or Kate, I would turn on a random part of a movie that I thought was funny and I would laugh so hard! They would look at me like I was the craziest person EVER! Also, Ella and I used to watch Hannah Montana the Movie on repeat! She introduced it to me, and I loved it! 

I have read the Harry Potter series eight times! I have always been that one person who re-reads books! I first read Harry Potter in like fourth or fifth grade. I have re-read that series eight times! I also love to take quizzes on books that I have read multiple times! I also LOVE AR testing! In first and second grade I would check out a book from the library read it all afternoon and night, then take take the AR test that morning and do that over and over again! I won the award for most points in our grade! Yay me! If you can't tell, I am a bit of a book worm and I am constantly on the look out for new books! I am currently reading The Twilight series and I am on book three! Any suggestion for books to read?? I also fall asleep reading! I will wake up having a book laying on my face because I had fallen asleep reading it! 

My final confession is that I LOVE homemade chocolate chip cookies!! Whenever we make something homemade, I can eat an unlimited amount!! I confess that our batch we made yesterday afternoon of roughly forty cookies, is now gone. Wow. Forty cookies! 

Those were my confessions!! That was a tad embarrassing, but I did it!! Which one of these was your favorite, and what is your most embarrassing confession?? Have a great Tuesday, and stay safe!!

Love Abby!!


  1. We are currently re-reading the entire Harry Potter series in our house and I honestly could not tell you how many times I've read the series now. A batch of cookies won't last 24 hours in this house and I'm pretty sure I eat more than my fair share of them.

  2. I tend to over pack too!! This was a fun post to read! :)

  3. Love this post Abby!! Hannah Montana is the best!! And Twilight is AMAZING!! Just wait for the fourth one!! Miss you friend!!

    Ella Williams


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