How To: Organize Your Closet

Happy Wednesday! We made it to the middle of the week! I am starting a new series called "how to". Every so often I am going to be sharing how I do certain things!! Today my closet!! I promise this will be better than you think!! I have some big plans for this series!! Feel free to add the link to your blog whenever I post one of these! I will make sure to give y'all heads up the day before!! Okay, well I hope you enjoy, and I hope this motivates you to do some spring cleaning (this is some of the only cleaning I have done)!!

Here is the before picture of my closet. Yes, I know it's bad, but it is good that I am cleaning it right? Anyways, doesn't a bad before picture make the change that much better? Okay, so I am just going to go in the order that I did my closet and show you pictures of it!

1. Vacuuming 
The first thing I did, was vacuum. I got everything off of the bottom of my closet and vacuumed. It looked so much nicer and better!

2. Organize Shoes
I have a couple of places where my shoes go. I have one little piece of shelf space, a shoe holder hanging thing (I am not really sure what it's called), and the floor. I needed to organize my shoes before I did anything else because they take up most of the floor space. They look so much better now! 

3. Getting Rid of Old Clothes
I had a couple of clothes that were too small and that I didn't wear anymore, so I put them in a pile to give to my little sister! It also helps me navigate through my closet easier now that I don't have extra clothes that I don't wear anymore. I recommend this as something you should do for your closet!

4. Color Coordinating My Clothes
I just put all of my tops and dresses in color order! I love this set-up and if I need to wear a specific color, I don't have to search hard for it!! For my pants that hang I just put them in their own section in their own color order so that I don't have to look through tops to find my pants.

That was pretty much how I clean out my closet! It was something that I have been needing to do for a while and I am so happy I got it over with! 

I know this is not something that normally post, but if you enjoyed it please let me know! Maybe this post will inspire you to clean out your closet too! Have a great and safe week!! If you did your own "How To" post, then comment the link to it below (I was going to do a link party, but I decided that not enough people would join). I am so happy that I finally got this posted! I have been working on it for a while!! Have a blessed day!
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Love Abby!!


  1. I love a good transformation! On Saturday we had an impromptu furniture rearrange when I was supervising my kids cleaning out the couch and under the cushions. They’re such pigs. I wish I had done a before and after! But I didn’t knot there would be one! Great job!


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