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What's Up Wednesday - 4.29.20

Happy Wednesday!!! Wow, does anybody feel like the week has just flown by? I mean everything has been going by super fast!! Today I am linking up with  Sheaffer  and  Shay  to bring you this month's What's up Wednesday!! Here we go!! 1: What We're Eating This Week: On Sunday I normally get to pick out some of my favorite recipes for us to make and we get the groceries delivered to the house. This week some of the things I chose were: the  Southern Living BLT ,   the most amazing   stuffed shells , homemade pizza, and possibly some baked potatoes! I LOVE all of these recipes, and they are so easy to make!! Also, does anyone else re-read all of the old Southern Living magazines just to look at the beautiful cakes and deserts? Those are some of my favorite things to do! 2: What I'm Reminiscing About: Over the winter and spring, I was on a great travel volleyball team!! It was the BEST, and we all had so much fun together! With two tournaments, and region

Tuesday Talk - Confessions

Hey!! Happy Tuesday (even though all of the days seem the same to me)!!  Can I be honest with you, the only way I remember dates is by blogging! 😂 Okay, well today is going to be a couple of my confessions!  Kate , this one is for you! I asked you to think of all the crazy that I do, and you delivered!! For all of you who don't normally read my blog, and this is the first time reading it: the posts are not normally this crazy! I just thought it might be a  little funny for y'all to see a couple of my confessions! Hope you enjoy! When I am going on a trip, I have this constant anxiety that I left something important at home!! The whole way to the place, I will be constantly wondering if I got everything! I have this packing checklist in my brain and I try to think about everything that I packed, but my mind just keeps thinking about what I might have left!! For example, on the way to my Muscle Shoals Tournament  I was so worried that I left my jersey at home!! The fir

Friday Favorites 4.17.20 - Scripture List

Hey everybody!! Happy Friday!! Today I am linking up with the wonderful  Narci ,  Andrea , and  Erika !! For today's  Friday Favorites post, I am going to share five of my favorites from the week, and five of my favorite verses! I think this is a good compromise, and I think that all of us are open to scripture!  Okay, here are my favorites!! I hope you enjoy! 1.  Extra Time With The Family Okay, we have been stuck at home since spring break which started Monday March 16!! That means that we have been stuck at home, for a whole month!! I don' know about y'all, but I am going a little bit crazy! I know in the end that I am going to appreciate these times!! This is a favorite, because we all get to be at home and see each other! This was us after our Easter meal, and we were sitting outside bird watching with our binoculars!! We have so many cute little cardinals, and we love to watch them!  2. School Selfies The other day I was looking through old self

My Makeup Routine

Hey guys!! Today I am going to be sharing with you my makeup routine! I have been extremely excited about this for a while now, but I decided I should go ahead and do it because I have nothing else to do! #quarantine  Kate  this one is for you! Thanks for helping me with ideas and some feedback!! Heads up, the video is a bit on the long side, feel free to skip through it or just read the post instead! Hope you enjoy!! Okay, bear with me! The video is about 20 minutes long, but here it is! Okay, well that was the video!! Here is more about the products!! These are all of my much needed products that I love and use everyday!! CeraVe Eye Repair Cream This is just your basic under eye cream, and I love it!! It is so great, and it helps me look a lot more awake!! You can find it   HERE ! Cetaphil Oily Skin Lotion This is a great lotion, with SPF 30 sunscreen in it! It is very long l

Universal Orlando Band Trip 2020 Part 2

Hey hey!! Happy Thursday! Today I am finishing up my trip recap! As I said in the first part, I LOVED this trip!! When all of this craziness is over, I recommend  you to go on a trip there!! You can read the first part  HERE !! Friday 3/13/20 After a long day on Thursday, I slept like a rock!! Our wake up call was at 6:00 AM, but I think we snoozed our alarm and slept for another thirty minutes! We were a bit rushed since we slept later, but we got down in time for breakfast!! I LOVE hotel breakfast!! One of my favorites!! The waffle maker station was the!! I love waffles, and oddly enough a waffle maker is my number one birthday wish!! Anyways!! Friday was the whole reason we were there! We were invited to perform in a parade around the Universal Park!! We went backstage (behind the park), and we got all warmed up!! Then it was time for us to go!! Walking through the parks with everybody looking at us was super fun!! There was a group of people who were dancing to our son

Universal Orlando Band Trip 2020 Part 1

Goodness!! This was literally the BEST trip ever!! So many memories were made, and they will forever be in my heart! I have so many funny stories that I am going to have to split this post into two or three parts!! Also, that trip was the last time I am going to be seeing some of our seniors for a long time!! :( Our seniors are the nicest and sweetest people ever, and everyone (me included) is going to miss them!! I am a super emotional person, and at our last football game of the season, I was bawling my eyes out and sobbing into one of our seniors. Yeah, that was not my finest moment. Moving on, that trip A-MAZ-ING!! Here is how it went!! Wednesday 3/11/20 Since we were going to Universal, we rode on charter buses overnight. We left Wednesday night around 9:00!! It was SUCH a fun ride there, and to be honest I don't think anyone slept for more than four hours (I slept for three and a half). For the first hour everyone was talking and hanging out, but after that everybody st

A Day In The Life

Hey hey!! Man, it is Tuesday! These weeks have been a blur!!! Due to the ongoing situation in the world, our school campus is closed for the rest of the year! I went to school the Wednesday before spring break thinking that I would come back after spring break, but while me and my high school band was in Orlando we decided to close for the rest of the year! I miss my friends so so much, and I wish I could have said a proper goodbye, but life will go on! To look on the bright side, I get to sleep in an extra two hours than my normal wake up time!  Yesterday we started our official online schooling!! I have a schedule and I plan to stick to it! It was SUPER fun getting to zoom with my homeroom class! But anyways...on with the blog post! I am just going to be sharing with you my new routine for the week!! Wake up!! My alarm goes off at 6:20 so that I can wake up! It takes me a WHILE to finally get out of bed and get going with the day! I wake up at 6:20 I read for 15 minutes or