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What's Up Wednesday

Hey hey!! What's up!!! Happy Wednesday!! I can't believe that the week is half way over! Whew!! And what a week it has been! We had a two day tournament and we didn't get back until midnight on Sunday. I have been super grumpy and tired so thanks to my fam for putting up with it! Today I am linking up with  Shay  and  Sheaffer  for a What's Up Wednesday!! Hope you enjoy!! 1: WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK: If I am honest, I don't really know!! This week has been super busy and hard so our plan, is to just roll with it!!  (I am pretty sure this is my parents on the inside when I ask, "What is for dinner tonight?".) 2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: I can't stop thinking about my tournament this weekend!! It was super fun!! We won silver bracket, and better yet we met Jason Aldean!! It was probably everybody's favorite tournament because A. we won and B. we got to spend a lot of time goofing off swimming, shopping, and going out to eat to

Muscle Shoals-Full Recap

Heyyyy!! Isn't it crazy that January is ALREADY over!! I mean it felt like yesterday I was just going back to school to resume a normal schedule!! I have been really busy and have not been blogging enough!! Sorry for that, but today is my Muscle Shoals recap!! If you do not know, I play travel volleyball and I have the best team EVER!! I play as libero!! I had a tournament this weekend down in Muscle Shoals!! The tournament name was Cupid's Battle 2020 (since it is almost Valentine's day)!! Here is my recap!! Friday: Friday was a chill day at school (I didn't really do much except for watching Hannah Montana the Movie with Ella). I got checked out around lunch time!! I finished packing, and we were off headed to Muscle Shoals!! It was a long and BORING four hour drive, but we made it!! Here is our hotel we stayed at!! After that, I met up with Amelia and we were off to explore. We met up with Jai on the way!! There was lots of running down hallways and jump