Tuesday Talk 1.21.20

Hey guys!!! Happy Tuesday!! Today is the first Tuesday Talk of the year!! I am super excited to tell you about what has been going on!! I am linking up with Erika and Ashley to bring you Tuesday Talk!!!

This past weekend I had my first travel tournament of the season!!! It was one of the best weekends ever!! The out of town ones will be even more fun!!! Here is a recap of my weekend!!

Friday Night:
Friday night was our last practice before the tournament!!! After our practice we all went to California Kraze!! We forgot to take a selfie there, but one of my teammates photo shopped us in!!

Saturday morning was full of scrambling around the house and making sure we had everything all ready for the tournament. Our first game was at 2:30, but we had to be there by 1:30. Everyone on our team wrote down a bible verse on their hand, mine was "The Lord is my strength and my defense." Exodus 15:2. We watched other games until our court was available. We won our first game super close in the third set!! Then we waited an hour and then we had to ref a game. Then we played another game and we lost, but it was close! We ended the day with a win in straight sets!!

Sunday Morning:
Sunday was all elimination rounds!! We won our first round super easy!! Then we played an amazing team!! We lost in straight sets, but our coach was proud of how we played. After we lost we had to ref another game then go home. It was a super fun day, and I cannot wait for our next tournament in two weeks!!

This was me playing, I am in the black jersey (I played as libero)!!

Happy Tuesday!! Have a blessed day!! 


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