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Prayer For Those Tough Times

Prayer For Those Tough Times This afternoon in the gym, Kate came up to me and told me to read  Narci's  post for today. I started to read it, and then read the comments and tears were pouring out of my eyes. It was about how when we pray through those tough times, it will get better no matter how hard the situation is. The post said to join in prayer for these difficult things. Reading the comments about the tough times people are going through made my heart stop. I had never thought about these things, much less think about the people that could experience them. It made me think about how this world is not perfect, even for Christians we will experience some of the hardest trials, but lucky for us we have Christ who can help us through this. We also have our fellow Christians who pray for us and with us.  Today I challenge you to pray at 2:45, and really think about those people. I don't post this to make people sad, but to rejoice over the fact that we have an AMAZING G

Tuesday Talk 1.21.20

Hey guys!!! Happy Tuesday!! Today is the first Tuesday Talk of the year!! I am super excited to tell you about what has been going on!! I am linking up with  Erika  and  Ashley  to bring you Tuesday Talk!!! This past weekend I had my first travel tournament of the season!!! It was one of the best weekends ever!! The out of town ones will be even more fun!!! Here is a recap of my weekend!! Friday Night: Friday night was our last practice before the tournament!!! After our practice we all went to California Kraze!! We forgot to take a selfie there, but one of my teammates photo shopped us in!! Saturday: Saturday morning was full of scrambling around the house and making sure we had everything all ready for the tournament. Our first game was at 2:30, but we had to be there by 1:30. Everyone on our team wrote down a bible verse on their hand, mine was "The Lord is my strength and my defense." Exodus 15:2. We watched other games until our court was available. We wo

Friday Favorites!

Hey guys!!!!! Today I am linking up with  Erika ,  Narci ,  Andrea  to bring you Friday Favorites!!!  1. Nike Sweatpants! I love these sweatpants SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!! They are just any black Nike sweatpants, but I love them lots. I where them to school {when I haven't had enough sleep} they make me feel like I am bringing my pajamas with me to school. I also where them to volleyball! I wish I had 365 pairs of them, one for each day!!! 2. Devotion, Pens, and Notebook I got this super cute Rae Dunn notebook that says hope for Christmas!! I love it so much, and I do my devotion in it every day!! 3. Ephesians 2:19-22 This bible verse is amazing! I love it so much! I found it when one of my best friends was having a tough time after volleyball because she felt unimportant. I showed her this bible verse and a couple others and she loved it! 4. Rescue By Lauren Daigle This song is so sweet. It is talking about how god will send out an army to find

2020 Survey

2020 Survey Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!! Here is a survey to help me know what I should post thank you for your feedback!!! LINK

Let's Look 1.8.20

Hey guys!! This is my let's look! I haven't really been blogging lately but I am back!! This week is about my bedside table! My bedside table is wreck!! That is the nicer way to put it. It isn't dirty, It is just extremely messy and clustered. Here is the stuff that is on it.  I always have books!!! I will set them up there no matter how messy my table is. No matter if I am in the middle of the book or finished I always put my books there (until I run out of space). I always have a couple of hair ties, just in case! My lamp of course!! The last thing that I ALWAYS have is a water bottle full of ice cold water!! I can not sleep if I am too hot, that is why I have to have some water! Okay guys, that is about it sorry for not having pictures of this stuff (I am just doing it now)!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

My New Year's Resolution 2020

My New Years Resolutions 2020 Hey guys!!!! Happy 2020!!! I have been having a busy week, so sorry for not posting any!!! Today I will be sharing my New Years resolutions!! 1. Devotionals This Christmas I received an adorable Rae Dunn journal. I have been doing my devotionals in it every day. I also have a prayer journal where I write my prayers down and keep them so that one day I can go back and see how God has impacted my life. I have been reading the bible cover to cover. I am doing this so that I may be able to find any scripture to help me out in any situations. Reading the bible for as little as thirty minutes gives me peace. 2. Working Out/Volleyball This year I really want to work out more. Mostly doing push ups and planks to work on my arm strength for my serve. I want to do as much as I can to be a great team mate. I love these guys, they are best friends and I want this travel season to be amazing!! 3. Being a Better Friend/Sister This year I reall