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End of The Year Review 12.31.19

End of The Year Review 12.31.19

Hey guys!!! I am writing this on Monday (the day before Christmas Eve),  but this will be going out on the 31st!! I will have posted a life lately sometime during the week of Christmas!!! I am going to be showing you highlights of my year for every month. Hope you enjoy!!!


We didn't really do much in January, mostly hanging out!! Here is a picture of Charles Dickens!!


February was a stay at home month for me and the fam, Mom did go on a girls trip with her friends. This picture was of me and my little sister in our super cool shirts that our Aunt had sewed us!! We  were super excited and we LOVE them!!!
Here is a picture of Charles in February, since we didn't really do much!!


March was our annual trip to Callaway Gardens during spring break!!! Here is us on the balcony of our hotel room!! 
Here is us taking a walk on the beach at Callaway!!!
Zip lining with the fam!!!


Baby shower with our friend Ellie!!
Easter with our Uncle Malcolm!!
Finally, we went to see Avengers: Endgame!! Saddest movie ever!!! Got my Captain America gear on!!


Kindergarten Graduation!!!! Clara is such a big girlie!!
My awards from the end of the year band ceremony!!


Shopping at Target!!!!!

June is when we take our annual beach trip!!! We had sooo much fun!! The top picture is me eating a roll at Lambert's!! Love it sooooo much there!!!


Fourth of July with friends!!! #Merica
Since we didn't really do much in July here is a picture of me a Clara about to go to church!!


August was a big month because it was band camp!! I started going the first week to help out because you have to be in eighth grade to be in marching band, but after a couple of days I was asked to be in the pit and play crash cymbals!! It was a HUGE opportunity, and I want to thank my parents for driving me around every single day in August for rehearsals and such!! I am in percussion and next year will be in the drumline!! I got another opportunity to play bass drum while one of the bass drummers was sick!! I love this drum so much and I can't wait to play it more!
My birthday!! I came home from a long day of band camp and there was a cake and tacos just for me!! I got a Kendra Scott necklace (I still wear it everyday), and Kate Spade earrings!!
Baking class with my friends!! Here is a cake I decorated!!
First day of first and seventh grade!!!
After my first school volleyball game!!
First football game!! Playing cymbals in the stands!! Go Patriots!!


Birthday lake party with my friends!!

Beach trip with friends!!!
My best friend Madden came to a football game just to see me play in the halftime show!! 


Hanging out with my Auburn volleyball friends!!
At a Halloween festival with the fam!!
Dressed up with Kate and Ella my besties as Mike Wasoski, Sully, and Boo!! It was sooooo much fun! I love these guys!! My besties!!
Band competition we got a 1, highest score!!


Shopping with Mommy!!
Auburn vs. Georgia game! Picture with Ricardo Louis who caught the Miracle Catch at Jordan Hare!!
Pictures with some of my favorite Auburn volleyball alumni!!


Selfies with my travel volleyball team!! Love these guys!
Starbucks with the team!!
Watching Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker!! Cried sooo much!
Merry Christmas from Charles Dickens!!!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL 2020!! Can't wait to see where God takes me this year!


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