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End of The Year Review 12.31.19

End of The Year Review 12.31.19 Hey guys!!! I am writing this on Monday (the day before Christmas Eve),  but this will be going out on the 31st!! I will have posted a life lately sometime during the week of Christmas!!! I am going to be showing you highlights of my year for every month. Hope you enjoy!!! January: We didn't really do much in January, mostly hanging out!! Here is a picture of Charles Dickens!! February: February was a stay at home month for me and the fam, Mom did go on a girls trip with her friends. This picture was of me and my little sister in our super cool shirts that our Aunt had sewed us!! We  were super excited and we LOVE them!!! Here is a picture of Charles in February, since we didn't really do much!! March: March was our annual trip to Callaway Gardens during spring break!!! Here is us on the balcony of our hotel room!!  Here is us taking a walk on the beach at Callaway!!! Zip lining with the fam!!!

Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019 Merry Merry Christmas!!! This is a very special day and I hope your version of today was amazing!!! Today I will be telling you how my Christmas went down!! 7:00 AM Me and my lil' sis get up around this time on Christmas!!! We wake up to find a new pair of pajamas and this time we both had sloth stuffed animals on the end of our beds!! It was a nice surprise!!  7:15 AM Mommy and Daddy make us wait to go into the den, and by 7:15 me and Clara are getting ready and Mommy and Daddy are back there with us walking us into the living room!! We then open presents until however long it takes us too!!! Afterwards we have a Christmas breakfast!! This year we had a coffee cake, cream cheese banana bread, and a sausage cream cheese casserole! It is sooooooooo good!!!! That is pretty much my schedule!! After all of that we just hang out (this year I took a long nap)!!! We watch Christmas movies and this year I am watching Die Hard with my Mommy!! I am going to sh

Life Lately

My Week Hey guys!! I know it's Saturday, but I think this would be a good day to tell you guys about my week!! I will make a list of the things that affected my week!! 1. Volleyball I have volleyball three days a week for two hours, and it is TOTALLY worth it!! Volleyball has become such a big part of my life, and I LOVE it! Playing volleyball has made such a good impact on me, and I encourage ANYONE to try it out!!! 2. Finishing up the semester This has been the last week of school before the new year!!! This year we only have history for one semester and people have been going crazy for finishing it by Friday!!! What's funny is that I am writing part of this on Wednesday (today for me) and I am sitting in class instead of going to PE with like more than half of the class who is trying to finish their work!! Ummmmmmmmmmmm........I kind of finished a week ago but you know PE isn't the best place. In PE we meditate. I know it sounds nice, but our gym floor is nas

Friday Favorites 12-20-19

Hey guys! HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so excited because this will be my first Friday Favorites  linking up with  Erika ,  Andrea , and  Narci ! ! I hope ya'll enjoy and have a blessed day (this is my first time blogging so please excuse all the bad stuff)! 1. OMG!!!!!!! I love fuzzy socks!!! They are the cutest and most comfy thing EVER!!! If you love them as much as me, then your friends will FOR SURE appreciate a new pair!! And sorry for all those exclamation points ;) 2.    I absolutely LOVE these! I mean who doesn't like a nice bath bomb, but one with a cute macaroon shape!! 3. I just started reading this series by Dee Henderson, and I LOVE them! They are a mixture of suspense, romance, and of course they are Christian books! Please check them out 4. Butcher Paper BBQ is a restaurant that I love so much! Their brisket is so on point! They also have mac n' cheese with BBQ drippin